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What's for Dinner?

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by Rosie, May 31, 2006.

  1. Beef stroganoff (Lily cut up the mushrooms for me), and steamed broccoli. Lily asked me for leftovers for lunch tomorrow. She will get some in her thermos. She is giddy about it.
  2. Linguini and clams (white sauce)
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  3. Red Beans and Rice, quartée red beans, quartée rice,
    Little piece of salt meat to make it taste nice,
    Lend me the paper and tell me the time,
    When papa passes by he’ll pay you the dime

    —-from the Picayune Creole Cookbook, 1901


  4. Filet mignon. Seared on the outside, rare on the inside. With green beans.[​IMG][​IMG]
  5. Stanley Doble

    Stanley Doble Call Me a Cab

    Home made beef stew
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  6. Old Bay spiced peel and eat shrimp and lobster tail. Cooked by yours truly :p[​IMG]
  7. OldStrummer

    OldStrummer One of the Regulars

    First Spring/Summer-like day. Son-in-law decided to grill some chicken and sausages. I provided the sides.
    • Grilled Chicken drumsticks
    • Grilled Kielbasa
    • Brussels Sprouts with Shallots
    • Redskin Potato Salad
    • Orange and Grapefruit slices with Pistachios
    • Orzo with Red Pepper and Basil Leaf
    • Sesame Cucumber and Tomato (not shown)
    • Corn on the Cob (not shown)
    • Dessert (not shown) Key Lime Pie and Cookies
  8. Pork souvlaki sandwich

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  9. Last night I made a triple batch of homemade spaghetti sauce, so we had spaghetti and a green salad with dressing of choice.

    Tonight we are having slow cooked round steak with mushrooms and onion, mashed potatoes with gravy, and green beans.
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  10. 1mach1 -
    Is that meant to be folded in half, soft-taco style, or is it eaten flat and open face?
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  11. Souvlaki sandwich checklist
    Grilled pork, chicken or lamb - check
    Pita - check
    Red onions - check
    Feta cheese - check
    Shredded lettuce - check
    French fries or potato chips on the side - check
    Tzatziki sauce - ????
    Girlfriend from Belgium - hopefully with you
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  12. It is meant to be folded in half. The tatziki was on the side. Don't worry, I used it all.

    Girlfriend will be here on Saturday for a fun filled week.
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  13. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    I lived in Greece for several years and goat/lamb souflaki was stick grilled-man how I miss that.
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  14. I was in Greece for three weeks in 2015. I have yet to find any Greek style food here in the US that even comes close to how it is over there. World of difference.
  15. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    Pub grub grilled shrimp and my barkeep is bringing her husband's bakery pecan coffee cake for me.
    I searched the world for pecan coffee cake like I had when a kid. And I found it!:D
    Cubs game got called. No replay broadcast or live play tonite 'cause the weather is a bitch for baseball.
    Even though Saturday's win against Atlanta can be attributed to the weather witch.;)
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  16. Thirty-nine degrees, early this morning. Well, OK. If it’s gonna feel like February, then we’re gonna eat like it’s February. No fresh spring salad or lightly grilled mahi for us, tonight. We’ve got hot country ham and big limas on the stove.


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  17. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    Caught late and missed my early trains out of the city. More pub grub tonite-chopped steak, mashed potatoes with corn and gravy; Cubs and Cards.:)
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  18. Bamaboots

    Bamaboots I'll Lock Up

    Looks great and like home, AF. Cornbread?
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  19. Didn’t make cornbread this time. I usually do. And I usually make it in my great-grandmother’s skillet...with chopped jalapeño peppers stirred into the mix. But both Jackie and I have reduced our carb intake, so we passed on having both beans and cornbread.

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  20. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    I'm from the Chicago south side and tasted cornbread for the first time inside a Ft Polk, Louisiana mess hall. Had to ask what it was, never heard of it.o_O
    Typical dumb ass Yankee trainee.:rolleyes:
    Cannot get enough cornbread now, like it best with log cabin syrup and hot coffee.
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