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What's on Top - Bras, panties, garter belts, slips, & stockings

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by vampygirl13, May 20, 2009.

  1. Rockapin-up

    Rockapin-up A-List Customer

  2. Hi ladies,

    Glad everyone liked the Cameo picture posts. I find their knickers to be the most comfortable and am using a pair of mine was a pattern to make more. ;0

    Lina, I really like the bra you've chosen it looks really comfortable and classic. I too haven't gambled on a Secrets in Lace bra...but I'm very tempted!

    I often find pointy/bullet bra type bras in most stores, in lines like Bali, Playtex, Warners, Wonderbra, Triumph, etc. It just takes some digging and trying on. Some of them don't look so great in themselves, but on they give a great classic pointy shape!

    A sweet long line bra from Bali:

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  3. Quite often the Doreen is on special offer in ads at the back of weekend supplements in Uk newspapers. I have seen them also being advertised in lilac and a claret colour.

    I can't recommend them enough for comfort and quality and of course a good fifties shape. I'm a convert!!
  4. This Playtex bra on me is very pointy, perfect for 50s dresses! The pic doesn't do it justice.


    Also, the company Underscore in the US has some pointy/bullet type bras.

  5. LinaSofia

    LinaSofia A-List Customer

    Your right BD, I guess the pointy bras are everywhere if you look.... I'm really happy with my buy! The only issue is that my other half can't get past the 'old lady' vibe. He gets why I wear it and he likes the shape, but when I asked "could it even look a little sexy, if you see it as a 50s bra?" and he just laughed and said "obviously it can't be sexy, look at it!"... haha oh well!!

    edit: btw, I'm still wearing it on the wedding day! It'll set the tone for our marriage! :D
  6. zombi

    zombi A-List Customer

    ^ Oh goodness, I laughed so hard, LinaSofia!

    I suppose on my next shopping trip, I'll be looking at the elderly woman lingerie!
  7. *LOL* That is too funny Lina. And I've heard similar before....classic 50s cut panties being called 'granny panties.' I don't think so! Ha ha.

    You'll look beautiful on your wedding day. And I hope you share pics somewhere of your dress! ;0
  8. Rockapin-up

    Rockapin-up A-List Customer

    I decided to give these a try and ordered them. Thanks for sharing them
  9. I have one of the long line Doreen bras in lilac, it's amazing. I only wish they were sold here! :(
  10. roselily

    roselily One of the Regulars

  11. I just stumbled across this UK website & joy of joys they sell plus size vintage style lingerie. I particularly like the lace bullet bra, I may have to make a purchase or two :)
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  12. I love it! Do tell us how it fits and such. ;0 As an aside, eep, their girdles are too cute!


    I love the leopard print one, but I've been contemplating the Secrets in Lace one...hmmm..decisions, decisions!


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  13. Has any one tried these RAGO Style 914 - Panty Brief Light Shaping/Removable Pads
    why I am asking is clearly my derriere is a little flat and trousers do not fit around that area, and some skirt can hang a little odd also.
    I am just wondering if haveing a little foam pads would be a little odd when sitting down or would it show as your got pads down the back of your back,?
    Would you have to go up a dress size ?
  14. bunnyb.gal

    bunnyb.gal Practically Family

    I think I may have just found a mother lode for everyday undies, just as mother would have worn...


    And the odd bullet bra...

    I found a bra today which I was really pleased with, the Triumph Classic, which gave a nicely high, pointy shape but without being too "kapow, kapow". Unfortunately it has a tiny bit too much give as they've discontinued the 32's apparently, but I'm going to try sewing an extender on the wrong side to reduce it.
  15. I been in there a few years ago, it's a traditional old fashioned department store, clearly they are on the ball with a web site also.
    got a great toy department!:D

    This is another shop who's stock I can only describe as traditional. lingerie and foundation wear, household linen etc.
    They are not one line, not even an electric till ..Sorry

    When I was in there last I asked if they had any cotton isle stocking and they said "oh not it was 1967 when we last had a delivery of those"

    Ernest Whiteley & Co
    67 Promenade
    North Humberside YO15 2QE
    United Kingdom.
    Tel: 01262 673232
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  16. I regularly wear a playtex 18 hour bra mostly because they make my back hurt the least and when I'm at my comp all day, or running around with crazy girl scouts there are no under-wires to cut into me. I also love them because when I go on camping trips with the aforementioned girl scouts I can wear them to sleep for late night biffy (bathroom) runs. But after looking at the secrets in lace site they have the bullet bra pads, I wonder if they would just enhance the pointy-ness of the 18 hour bra, and take care of any "natural pointy" problems, if you get my meaning. Anyone tried this?
  17. zombi

    zombi A-List Customer


    So sad to see no Doreen in a size 32, though. Having a 32C bra has turned into the bane of my existence, really. I can hardly find them any place.
  18. bunnyb.gal

    bunnyb.gal Practically Family

    Looking at the reviews for Ernest Whiteley and Co., it seems like heaven! And although it's annoying that there's no website, it's also very charming that it hasn't one. Onto my list of "places to visit"!

    We're in the same boat, then. So very frustrating because...

    Very :eek:fftopic: A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a strapless bra without all of the round-boob-shape making padding, and to make a long story short, the lady eyeballed my chest and clocked me in as 'round a 32 C/D. You could have knocked me over with an underwire, and I was actually (being a proud member of the Itty Bitty ***** Committee with my 34/36 A/B's) inwardly quite irate about it. So, to show me, she gave me an impromptu bra fitting session - when the fitter calmly inserted her forearm (with much room to spare) underneath the back of my bra I suspected that something may have been amiss in my choice of bra size :eusa_doh:. I felt better when she explained to me that the increased cup size was not about in my case having bigger girls but about having wider girls. So now, being in the market for 32C's, and wanting a slightly more "matronly" look to my underpinnings, not much joy.

    I feel better having got that off my chest! :D
  19. Heather

    Heather Practically Family

    I've been eyeing the playtex 18 hr bra and the Bali flower bra. I'm also a 32C...i agree, it can be quite frustrating finding that size!
  20. zombi

    zombi A-List Customer

    Poor us!!

    I purchased a Cabernet bra today, and I had to buy a 34C because, again, I can't find 32C in anything in my area. I have also found that in some manufacturers or some shapes, I can wear a 34C and it's all right, and in some it's far too large. In some the 32C is strangely too small and I may well need a 32D and in some it fits just right. It's all so very frustrating.

    The one I bought has an underwire, because they had nothing without them in my size. But, it does give a more pointed/vintage shape due to seaming across the front as that gal over at By Gum By Golly recently discussed... and at least it fits better than the old ones I was wearing, which were from before I lost weight and were FAR too large.

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