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What's on Top - Bras, panties, garter belts, slips, & stockings

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by vampygirl13, May 20, 2009.

  1. Heather

    Heather Practically Family

    Omg! I had stumbled upon that very blog thread this weekend! That's what has ignited my latest bra hunt. ;)
  2. The purchases I made a month ago finally arrived (though this is because of industrial action by Australian Customs, not a fault of the company I purchased from).
    I bought the lace bullet bra. I have to say, I'm really impressed. It's very comfortable, gives a nice lift & shape & because the fabric isn't sown into the traditional conical bullet bra shape, it doesn't, erm, poke your eye out ;) I just wish they made the bra in different colours (it only comes in black) otherwise I would be buying several in other colours.
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  3. zombi

    zombi A-List Customer

    Help! Someone a while ago sent me PM containing the name of a lingerie boutique here in Oklahoma City that could help me with a real bra fitting. I can't find the PM nor remember who sent it! Are you still here? Can you tell me again?? xx
  4. I wear a 34GG/K. I have never seen a non-globular bra in my size.
  5. VintageTink

    I feel your pain, I'm a 34GG to a 36H depending on how fat I am that month, but Wacoal has one now!
    I picked one up off the sale rack at Nordstroms December '11 not knowing what it was and couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear when I tried it on, it's worn better than most of my other bras I've bought in the last 4 years but it is defiantly ready to be replaced now.
    It's not as severe as a bullet bra but it sure is perkier than the modern ones.
  6. Little lady

    Little lady Familiar Face

    VintageTink and strathspeychick

    There are bras in big cup sizes that are not so round. Bravissimo's own brand of bras can sometimes have a pointy look to them, not all their bras but there certainly are some (dotty spot for instance). Not bulletbra pointiness however, but on the other hand they have a very good size range (they are of course in UK sizes, not US sizes).
    Some bras I haven't tried, but that probably would be pointy and have a bigger size range are the angel ardyss bra and bras from jeunique (if you'd like to see for yourself, somebody in a large cup size has tried a jeunique bra and posted about it on bratabase http://www.bratabase.com/browse/jeunique/j-31/30K/, that's definitely very pointy). Seems like the jeunique bras and probably the ardyss bra as well are in US sizes (as you can see on bratabase it says the meassurment for the jeunique bra in 30K is more like a panache 30G-GG (which is a uk brand)).
    And there are other brands that might have something pointy in larger sizes as well (not all their bras, but certain styles might be, look them up on bratabase, or serch for reviews), Godess, Elomi, maybe Fantasie, and you've probably already tried the Triumph Doreen (here reviewed by blogger Curvy Wordy, with pictures http://www.curvywordy.com/2012/01/my-quest-for-sleep-bra-triumph-doreen.html)?
    What Katie did makes bullet bras up to FF cups in UK sizes, I think (here's a link to a blog post by a sophisticated pair where uk and us bra sizes are compared http://sophisticatedpair.com/blog/?p=2507, and on it you can see that a US H might actually be a UK FF, but all bras and bra brands fit differently, and with what katie did, I'm sure you've heard before, there's less stretch in the bands than on regular sizes, so their bands might run particularly small (I haven't treid them myself, so I couldn't say for sure)).
    There is a lot more choice, and a lot more sizes on the internet, than in stores.
  7. I bought a bra pattern from bella bravo bras. Hooray!
  8. MissNathalieVintage

    MissNathalieVintage A-List Customer

  9. Little lady

    Little lady Familiar Face

    I'm of the same school :) There are many other great bra blogs out there, my favourite for fitting advice is http://www.venusianglow.com/p/bra-matrix.html
  10. Lenore

    Lenore Practically Family

    Soooo.... I'm having quite the tizzy with Playtex right now... Refitted and I'm now a 32G.... and of course, Playtex does not make such an animal. Does anyone know of a bra that is similar to the Playtex Classic 18 hour that would be suited to someone my size? Comfy straps would be nice too...
  11. Lenore, do you sew? There are patterns you could tweak.
  12. Lenore

    Lenore Practically Family

    Not yet.. I'm working on that.

    In the mean time, I'm going to try to go tomorrow to Top Drawer, get a fitting to confirm this size, and see what they might have in my size... and if any of them have a vintage-y silhouette. I've found several online that look promising.
  13. Hopefully you can find something. I know Mrs. Depew Vintage has vintage bra patterns, but I'm pretty sure they don't go to a 32G. Lol
    Lady Day might have something.

    I bought a pattern from Bravo Bella. I'm hoping I can study some classic shapes and replicate them.
  14. Lenore

    Lenore Practically Family

    Good news! I couldn't believe that measurement sooooo I went and got fitted at the best darn bra speciality shop in Houston and she fitted me to a 34E (or DD). Yay for me because Playtex 18 hour does a 34DD, not to mention it's just a heck of a lot easier to find in general. I bought a fabulous Wacoal bra while I was there, and then came home and order three more online (two of which are 18 hours). I've been spending a lot of time on herroom.com and biggerbras.com and my wishlist is about 3 miles long. How many bras can one gal possibly own? Never enough!
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  15. Hooray!
  16. Ok, so my question is this, I just started wearing an open bottom gridle, what do you wear underneath? Or do you wear French knickers over it? I've been wearing my usual undies and it's kind of a pain to use the restroom.
  17. Lenore

    Lenore Practically Family

    I always wear french knicker/tap pants type undies over them, or nothing at all. I wear a slip as well.
  18. wahine

    wahine Practically Family

    Whenever I buy panties, I must compromise. They are usually too small - not in size, but in style. Either the whole belly shows or the butt or both.
    I like the old fashioned style that covers it all. Around here, that's hard to find, esp. if you're not looking for the grannies white-cotton-flowers-print model or "shape" wear. I wanted a regular light material and a wearable design for a thirty-something which I am.

    So I finally tried to sew my own. I got a plain black cotton spandex fabric and traced one of my shape panties that fits quite nicely.
    And, to my surprise, it came out real well! :D Of course, the result isn't exactly of the seductive sort, it looks rather sporty. Imho, it's very suitable for every day use. I'm quite satisfied and can only encourage any lady to try the same if you're looking for a special shape/style and don't want to spend too much money.
  19. queen of jacque

    queen of jacque New in Town

    Where to start?

    I feel it's time to transition my spending from America's favorite lingerie-perfume-and-athleisure store to build a collection of foundation garments to go with my vintage wardrobe. I'm interested in 30s/40s rather than 50s to start off.

    Starting with a bra makes sense.

    I don't live in Los Angeles, so I can't pop into anyone's favorite retro store to things on. :(

    Shall I set aside a few hundred dollars, buy one of everything to try on at home and then ship back the extras?

    It seems that once I have a bra, I can move on to matching girdle, waist cincher, belt, tap panties or whatever. Bra comes first.

    I have a petite shape, so moving from one lifelong standby to find something new is intimidating.

    Can anyone advise on how to efficiently make the transition from buying VS to having things appropriate to 1930s and 40s?
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