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White RAF Roll Neck Sweaters

Discussion in 'WWII' started by Spitfire, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. When you take in consideration, that this post was my very first post here, you can imagine my joy and pleasure over finally finding a high quality "White RAF Roll neck sweater" Job's done! (And I even got a navy blue too)

    STEVIEBOY1 Practically Family

    Well there is an old saying "That having patience is a virtue" it has certainly been true in this case, you have at last got the sweaters you wanted.:)
  3. And I know that these sweaters are more Battle of Britain - The movie, than Battle of Britain - the real thing frocks.
    But I don't really care anymore. It's bloody nice sweaters. :)
  4. ingineer

    ingineer One Too Many

    Glad to here it all worked out with the Niffi.
    Outdoor Knitwear has always been a great source for me. esp for wooly pullys
    But bought sub from WPG.

    STEVIEBOY1 Practically Family

    That's a nice sub sweater too.
  6. Corto

    Corto A-List Customer

    Not WWII vintage footage, but here's a 1970's official RN video, with RAF/RN submarine sweaters in action. Skip to 3:59: "Voyage North"[video=youtube;tLOM_23IFdo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLOM_23IFdo[/video]

    STEVIEBOY1 Practically Family

    It's cold and frosty here now in the UK and time for me to start wearing my white RAF/Sub Rollneck again. :)
  8. RegentSt1965

    RegentSt1965 Familiar Face

    Just got the EMLC White RAF style roll neck - good price and happy with fit after trying it in Classics(got the olive mechanic's sweater already and fit on that is perfect for me). Bit shaken to see that I had become my Dad when I looked in the mirror - he wore his WW11 Bomber Command white roll for years around the garden etc until my Mother finally dumped it as completely FUBAR.
  9. These days that is the point when it goes up for sale on eBay! :p
  10. RegentSt1965

    RegentSt1965 Familiar Face

    Absolutely! As I grew up though his kit gradually "disappeared" . Partially, I guess, 'cos he didn't need to be reminded of the war and also 'cos my Mother wanted to leave it behind. I always had the impression that he hardly flew in the European theatre, but served on clean-up and humanitarian flights in South Asia after VE. But, on searching the National Archives here in the UK I found he flew at least 26 sorties over Germany after he joined 186 Sqn on becoming active in '44 before VE ended his European war!
  11. Grayland

    Grayland One Too Many

    I just received an Eastman RAF Sweater from History Preservation Associates. I'm a size 40 and ordered a size 40. A neat fit, but not overly restrictive. Great quality. Charlie from HPA went all out with his customer service. Very helpful guy and I look forward to more orders from HPA in the future.

    STEVIEBOY1 Practically Family

    Sounds like a nice sweater you have recently purchased. :)
  13. RegentSt1965

    RegentSt1965 Familiar Face

    Agree fit is spot on and its not as rough as could be.
  14. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

    Brass monkeys Paddy :D

    I have that exact same mug care of my lovely sister. Hope you put a bit of a "snifter" in that mug of char, you would've needed it after a dip in the North Sea mate!

    Happy New Year to you and yours by the way.

    STEVIEBOY1 Practically Family

    Nice Jersey and well done for the swim. :)
  16. Redshoes51

    Redshoes51 One of the Regulars

    I, too, love the mug... a New Year Day Swim in the North Sea?


    Belated Happy New Year!!!


    STEVIEBOY1 Practically Family

    Hopefully it will be cool enough soon to get these roll neck sub sweaters on again.

    STEVIEBOY1 Practically Family

    I have been wearing my white &(blue) sub roll necks alot recently, I happen to in my white one now in fact. Nice and snug.

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