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White Tie trousers problem

Discussion in 'Suits' started by TWLyon, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Ok, I have this dilema...

    I'm putting together vintage white for an event next year. I found a jacket from the 40's that fit me almost perfectly, but it turns out it's midnight blue, which limits my options on trousers. Most of the trousers I have run accross do not have enough rise to fit correctly for white tie. Currently, there are a pair of midnight blue trousers on eBay that have enough rise, but they are about 3" too big in the waist. Should I take a chance and have them altered or give up and see if Magnoli can match my jacket?

    I may have been better off building from scratch, but the search is half the fun.
  2. 3" isn't a lot to have taken in, I'd have thought.... Quite possibly you wouldn't even need to do that, bearing in mind you'll be wearing braces. I actually prefer trousers a big big on the waist if I'm going to be wearing braces instead of a belt. Which is also how they wore them back when....

    PICS of your tails would be great - midnight blue is extremely rare to see in white tie wear, IME.
  3. Chasseur

    Chasseur Call Me a Cab

    I would contact Indy Magnoli and ask him about sending your jacket to him and see if he can find a close match to your jacket. He then could make you a new set of trousers for your jacket. I've done this with him and the results were great, a very, very close match for the jacket. Its slighty more expensive than finding vintage formal trousers, but your jacket and trousers have a better chance at matching.

    EDIT: Sorry did not see your mention of Magnoli when I first posted, sorry I was still on my first cup of coffee...
  4. For some reason, midnight blue is ubiquitous in U.S. white tie wear from the 1940s and '50s.

  5. kuwisdelu

    kuwisdelu Familiar Face

    I second this motion. Especially if it's not absolutely needed until next year, go for the ebay trousers and have them taken in.

    If you're not satisfied, try Magnoli. Nothing wrong with having two pairs of midnight blue trousers. In my opinion, anyway.

  6. I wonder does that refle t the fact that white tie was perhaps more commonly worn in the US in that period? I base this musing on the fact that formal and semi-formal evening wear seem to be the wedding wear of choice in the US, from what I see at this distances, whereas here in the UK formal daywear (and some pretty od perversions thereof!) holds sway with weddings even today. [huh]

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