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Who here makes their own beauty products??? :)

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by therizyflapper, May 7, 2012.

  1. therizyflapper

    therizyflapper One of the Regulars

    hello all you lovey ritzy ladies!!! I'm one of those people that likes to try to make everything myself. i don't like to buy products from the store if i could easily make them myself, recently iv been wondering if anyone else shared the same passion as me, so id like to ask you ladies

    1: do you make your own products?

    2: if so what do you like to make and why?

    3: give a recipe you would like to share with everyone

    my answers are

    1: yes i do!!
    2: anything i can come up with, because it makes me feel healthier and more confident :)
    3: my recipe i am sharing with you is my Ritzy Rose Blush

    rose powder
    rice powder or white kaolin clay
    4 drops essential oil (only if you are pressing in into a compact)

    combine your powders and blend until it reaches a complementing color for your skin (may take some experimenting). When mixed to your desire, put in a clean container,
    store in a cool dry place and use within 1 month .

    I hope you ladies enjoy this recipe and I cant wait to see what you all have to say :)
  2. MissNathalieVintage

    MissNathalieVintage A-List Customer

    Mouthwash: Salt and water. Does not burn and really gets in between the teeth. Swish 20 times spit out and repeat once more.

    Hydrogen peroxide: use just like witch hazel. But a lot less drying to the skin.

    Conditioner: Apple cider vinegar and water for dark hair. Clear is for blondes. Spritz all over hair comb and message in then rinse. Vinegar smell disappears when hair is dry. Removes product build up and gives hair a lift.
  3. therizyflapper

    therizyflapper One of the Regulars

    thank you very much sweetie! :) you are very homemade product savvy :) i cant wait to give these a try :) the mouthwash sounds like a lovely idea :) all of them are just wonderful thank you :) and very good idea with the hydrogen peroxide i have never thought of that before :)
  4. Juliet

    Juliet A-List Customer

    1: Definitely!

    2: All sorts of things that I can, really. I'm not good at creams yet, so I leave those alone and usually stick to face and hair masks, scrubs and rinses. My by far favourite (and the easisest one!) is the mayonnaise mask for hair. You just put it on dry hair, leave it on for half an hour, and then proceed with usual headwashing protocol :) Works wonders.

    3: Coffe and cream scrub. It's THE thing before you go out. I can't exactly give proportions, I just take my used coffee grounds (recycling, don'cha know! :D ), and I pour enough rich cream to it so that it'll be ... eh... creamy. Give yourself a quick rinse in the shower, then scrub yourself down with it, and rinse again with warm water.

    therizyflapper, I've been meaning to ask you - isnt' the caolin clay a bit clogging to the pores? I'm dying to try the rice powder.
    The blush sounds very interesting as well!
  5. therizyflapper

    therizyflapper One of the Regulars

    Oh goodness that coffee scrub sounds to die for!! :) I'm going to try that tonight! :) and i loveeeeeee mayo in the hair is amazing!! :) Oh and if you want a really good cold cream recipe i have a really great one on my blog that I swear by :)

    And for you question about the kaolin clay :), I never had a problem with it clogging my pores (I have really breakout prone skin), and I never really liked rice powder because it always sat on-top of my skin and felt a bit grainy, I also wouldn't suggest buying that rice powder makeup from the beauty store because they contain additional ingredients besides rice powder that you really don't want anywhere near your lovely skin :) If you want a really good rice powder and kaolin clay powder alternative, I recently switched from kaolin clay to pearl powder (its chines name Zhen ZhuMu) and I love it, it apply so evenly and makes my pores look flawless, and the best part its will 100% not clog your pores and its non-drying :) and if you like the rose blush it looks lovely when you use the pearl powder as your face powder and then apply the rose blush just to the apples of your cheeks, it looks very beautiful and natural :) thank you again for that coffee scrub idea it sounds just lovely! :)

    If you want that cold cream recipe its on my blog at http//theritzyflapper.blogspot.com its under the month April and its the post beautiful As A Rose. :)
  6. Isis

    Isis One of the Regulars

  7. therizyflapper

    therizyflapper One of the Regulars

    hello sweetie!! :) thank you so much for your link to your blog! :) these sound lovely!!!!! :)
  8. I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Development. I have had a love affair with making beauty products for years and plan to develop my own line.

    1. Yes.

    2. I like making hair, face, body, and fragrance products.

    3. My newest creation is a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment. It is an update on a hot oil treatment. I have natural African American hair and blowdry and flat iron regularly so I need something to really nourish my hair and scalp. I shampoo every four days so I also like that it deep cleans and balances my scalp so I am less likely to get super oily between washes.

    Mix equal parts coconut oil and aloe vera, with a few drops of essential oil. I currently use lemongrass, very sparingly, since it is really strong, jasmine, and/or ylangylang. Warm and apply to dry hair evenly with a hair dye brush. Comb through. Wrap in conditioning cap and leave in for at least 20 minutes. Shampoo and condition.
  9. therizyflapper

    therizyflapper One of the Regulars

    oh this sounds lovely!!!:) im trying this tomorrow night!! :)im so happy to hear you are going for a degree in cosmetics and fragrance, that is a great area to be in, and you are very good at this, because that pre-shampoo conditioning treatment sounds amazing!:)
  10. ThemThereEyes

    ThemThereEyes One of the Regulars

    I use baking soda and apple cider vinegar as a clarifying prewash for my hair, once every couple of weeks. I have also used water, ACV, and lavender oil as a toner. My newest body scrub is just sugar and kosher salt mixed with Seville orange juice (I just squeeze it from one or two from our tree) and whatever thin oil I have.
  11. therizyflapper

    therizyflapper One of the Regulars

    oh i love the sound of that body scrub for the summer time! :) it sounds refreshing :)
  12. Juliet

    Juliet A-List Customer

    Oh, I forgot to add - I do my face peeling with a slice of lemon :)
    Terribly un-fashionable, I'm afraid.
  13. lframe

    lframe One of the Regulars

    I found a book on my kindle that was free. I don't have it with me right now, but it probably had 30 or more recipes in it and was published in 1899. Excellent stuff I'll be sharing.

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