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Widebrim's Ties: Part III

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Widebrim, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. Okay, I've got some more vintage neckties that I'm parting company with. All ties are at least between good/very good condition, unless otherwise noted. Please keep in mind that prices do not include shipping--which I do my best to keep as low as possible. (For payment, gents, I do prefer checks, unless you're overseas, and then PayPal will have to do. Thanks.) Here we go again...!


    The first (on the left) is an unmarked, excellent condition Bold Look tie. It features shades of blue, red, and silver, and feels like rayon. ($8). The middle tie features a great geometric design, the type of motif prevalent during the Bold Look era (and about as wide as they come, 4 1/2"). Wembley, complete with butterfly logo on tab, and also feels like rayon ($6). The last is the oldest of the trio, c.late-'30s/early-40's. No label, it is about 46" long and 3" wide, and features some comet-like motifs on a beautiful blue background; possibly rayon. ($6)
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  2. Flat Foot Floey

    Flat Foot Floey My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I would like the blue one on the right. Do you have more like this? You already know what I am after ;) The unlined variety with "boring" pattern. If so please PM me.
  3. I know what you like, mein Herr, and I will post at least a couple of such. The blue one is set aside for you, and thank you!
  4. Johnny J

    Johnny J Fedora Lounge Artisan

    I'll take the other two. :)
  5. ^^Thanks, Johnny. I'll send you a PM when able.

  6. Mr Vim

    Mr Vim One Too Many

    Dang it.
  7. ^^Don't worry, Mr. V., there's more...


    On the left is a nifty brown/yellow color combination Marathon Cravat, c.early-'50s, with a leaf brocade; wool lining, blades feel like rayon/acetate. ($6) Next is a Superba Imperial Satin tie, with beautiful shades of blue, c.early-'40s. About 49" long, 3" wide. ($6) Last is an unmarked (except the common "Resilient Construction" tag) necktie, with striking shades of maroon, gold, and silver. The raised brocade has a sort of taffeta-feel to it, and really helps to bring out the colors. c.late-'30s/early-'40s, about 48" long, 3" wide. ($6)
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  8. Flat Foot Floey

    Flat Foot Floey My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I'll take the blue one in the middle and the brocade on the right. PM sent in a sec...
  9. You guys are way too quick for me. I'm just recovering from last night's proceedings - and only very, very slowly... ;)
  10. Flat Foot Floey

    Flat Foot Floey My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Hey Mario. I am willing to share if some more come up. I just want the first one real bad. The others are optional.

    I will send you a CD with scans anyway (well...when I finished them...could take a while) so I could include a tie too.
  11. Flat Foot Floey

    Flat Foot Floey My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Krawatten statt Rosinenbomber für Berlin. ^^
  12. Thanks, Flo.

    I know what you mean about the first one. Would have been my choice as well... ;)
  13. Flat Foot Floey

    Flat Foot Floey My Mail is Forwarded Here

    dang. maybe if it has a RED twin I would be okay with that too ^^
  14. Oh...red would be sweet! You could keep the blue... ;) :D
  15. Mr Vim

    Mr Vim One Too Many

    I'll take the brown and yellow on the left. PM sent
  16. Okay, all the ties have been set aside. Thanks FFF and Mr Vim. More to come...
  17. You're doing your own Berlin Airlift, mein Herr?? Good one...
  18. Here comes the next three:


    r to l: From National Shirt Shops ("Coast to Coast") comes a pre-Bold Look tie, with a brown background and green/silver highlights. Measures about 49" long, 31/2" wide. ($6) Next is an Arrow tie, c.early-'50s, with a beige background and brown/beige motif; feels like acetate. ($6). Last is a Brent Tie, sold through Montgomery Ward, c.early-'50s. Brown brocade with yellow/silver/dark brown motifs; feels like rayon or rayon/acetate. ($6)
  19. Flat Foot Floey

    Flat Foot Floey My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Sorrry, but I am not fond of paisly ties. Anyway it looks blue-ish in the picture but it is brown?

    I think I will stay with the 3 ties I already reserved unless you have some more. Thank you.

    PS: I tried to message you but your inbox is full.
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  20. Thanks for the effort, Lee.

    Trouble is I'm rather picky when it comes to ties and while I actually preferred the plain colored specimen for a long time I have only recently developed a penchant for certain geometric patterns as can be seen in the two samples below (which are, sadly, not mine but HBK's).

    In all honesty, though: I have detected a rather unnerving talent in me for wanting things that are simply not available when I want them. Which, of course, makes me want them all the more... ;)

    Thanks anyway. Should you ever, during one of your meanderings, come across some ties akin to the ones pictured below in make and color: please feel free to scream out loud! :D

    And Flo is right: Your inbox is packed out.


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