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Wife needs help finding a great, thin fedora hat but don't know where to start!!

Discussion in 'Hats' started by m_luvsartdeco, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. m_luvsartdeco

    m_luvsartdeco One of the Regulars

    Hey fellas,

    I started buying my husband fedora hats about 4 years ago because he really loves film noir and thought it would be nice. He really likes wearing the hats, in fact he's worn out one so bad I feel I should get him another one but he prefers fine (thin) felt as opposed to the one's I have been buying him (wool felt). We found one at a vintage store once but unfortunately it did not fit...The hat's I have bought for him are C-Crown "Crushable" Jaxon fedora, the "Fedora" style hat from the New York Hat Co. and a few tagless hats from vintage shops.

    I don't know exactly what Im looking for but I know he prefers a very fine felt...I don't know if it's regular wool felt or fur felt. So far I have only purchased wool felt and wondered if maybe the fur felt was finer.

    He also prefers a longer brim...not those little short, trendy fedoras young guys are wearing these days...My husband really loves the classic styles.

    If anyone could direct me to some great websites I would really appreciate it.
  2. zetwal

    zetwal I'll Lock Up

    Ebay is a great place to buy used and vintage hats. Sometimes they are virtually unused. Find out his hat size and do a search for fedora along with his size. You will find many to choose from. If you don't see what you want on the first try, wait another week. Sooner or later you will find exactly the right hat.

    The other option is to go with a new hat. I'll let others weigh in there.

    Good luck with the search!
  3. Mulceber

    Mulceber Practically Family

    My advice is, if you want really vintage styles, avoid factory-made hats that have been made any time in the last 3 decades (Akubra is the exception that proves the rule). I'd either go with Akubra, a custom made hat or a vintage hat from ebay. -M
  4. m_luvsartdeco

    m_luvsartdeco One of the Regulars

    Thanks boys, I'll keep an eye out on ebay and Akubra :)
  5. danofarlington

    danofarlington My Mail is Forwarded Here

    You could also Google "Stetson fedora" and get a range of modern models at various retailers. One of your problems will be that many of them will look sort of alike. It's a problem you won't be able to solve in the near term. Imagine your husband going to Nordstrom to buy shoes for you. Where would he start? Would they look different to him? But you're a good sport for trying.
  6. zetwal

    zetwal I'll Lock Up

    You are welcome! It's nice of you to do this for him.

    I hope the results are good!
  7. Chuck Bobuck

    Chuck Bobuck Practically Family

    Check out the Akubra Federation IV at Hats Direct or a Stetson Temple.
  8. Welcome to the Lounge, and where at in TN are you/
    If you are close to Covinton, holler at Mike Moore at Buckaroo Hatters.
    Do a search here and you will find his work.
  9. Wool felt tends to be fairly thick and rougher in feeling, The other is fur felt and can be finer than wool often made from Rabbit, Beaver or occasionally something a bit more exotic. If you look at the top of the Hat section there are some stickies which are the version of FAQ's.

    Wool can make a serviceable hat but fur felt will usually last longer and can be cleaned as well as reshaped.
    Fur felt is quite a bit more expensive than wool but lasts longer. Some fur felts can be pretty thick such as cowboy hats are often thicker than fedoras.

    Check out David Morgan for Akubras here in the US or go to Hats Direct or other Akubra dealers in Australia. You might take a peek at the Squatter or a Campdraft from Akubra among the many they make.

  10. As has beenpointed out previously, the hats made by the Australian firm of Akubra probably would provide some of the BEST value all around for $s spent. David Morgan up in Seattle is the US importer for them and two models come to mind for a smooth, thin all rabbit fur felt hat, the Stylemaster and the Sydney . Here's DM's site link, check them out, they are GREAT folks to deal with, have a wide range of sizes in ALL the styles they stock and a low one price shipping to ALL of the US and you usually get the hat in 3/4 days. ordering from the Aussie retailers is a bit more involve, expenxive and takes longer, but they do have a few more Aussie only style available in some colors only available in Australia as well. It all depends on how you want purchuse it :)


    Onward thru thr Fog:)
  11. m_luvsartdeco

    m_luvsartdeco One of the Regulars

    thanks guys! You all have been a really great help! I am really loving the "stylemaster" Akubra hat and am leaning towards that type of hat.

    Danofarlington: what you said really makes sense :)
  12. danofarlington

    danofarlington My Mail is Forwarded Here

    The thing you want to keep in mind is that you're looking for "men's dress hats." That's the classification adopted by the retailers and manufacturers--as opposed to hats called something else.

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