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William Lennon workboots

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by esteban68, May 3, 2012.

  1. I looked for a vintage boot thread but couldn't find one but feel free mods to put it in the relevant place.

    A while ago I saw on here some William Lennon boots, now I'd heard of the company before in passing and new roughly where it was( fairly near my hometown) after seeing the aforementioned boots on here I decided I'needed' some,indeed I really did need a new pair of work boots, so I phoned up about 7 or 8 weeks ago to see if I could visit the factory and see some boots and try a few pairs on for size etc.

    On arriving I found a great little factory , it was like stepping back in time with lovely old machinery and old fashioned boots a plenty, I spoke to Dan who let me try on a pair of size 9 traditional work boots
    (78c that came with leather laces too)and they fit my UK 8 1/2 wide feet perfectly.
    I then ordered a pair in a size 9 but took an option of a nice mid/dark brown grained leather that 'faded' nicely when pulled/stretched, I also opted for a Vibram commando sole, I left a deposit and details and waited for a call.

    I was phoned earlier this week and as I was passing I went to pick them up and was bowled over by them and a perfect fit!
    Here's some photos;[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. and here's a few more pictures;[​IMG]
    they look different heights but it's just an optical illusion they are exactly the same height...[​IMG]
    I know they're not everybodys cup of tea but here's the Vibram soles remember these are to be a genuine worn regularly pair of work boots(not manual labour these days but worn for work still)[​IMG]

    A few detail shots;[​IMG][​IMG]
  3. And a few more;[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    I've walked to the village shop and back about 1/2 mile and driven 8 mils in the car to pick up the daughter and on both counts they are fine, for a work boot I am very impressed!
  4. St. Valentine

    St. Valentine A-List Customer

    Wow, thanks for the head up! They really look nice and the prices of Lennon´s seem to be quite reasonable. The best is that they are within the EU, so no extra charges to pay. I guess I will order a pair soon... :D

  5. I love anything with that Munson Army last style Popeye toe.
  6. I asked about resoling when they would need it and was told around £35.00...having them made in a different leather added roughly £30.00, total was around £140.00...I am already planning another pair or two.
    Time will tell with these but currently I cannot recommend them enough!
    Found a couple more pictures;[​IMG][​IMG]
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  7. Cobden

    Cobden Practically Family

    Lennon's are renowed in the First World War living history community for the quality of their boots and the accuracy of their reproduction WWI ammo boots; as the company originally, in many ways they are less "repro" and more "a new run"
  8. I have a pair of their WW2 ammo boots and they are fantastic quality.
  9. hmm I probably 'need' some of those too or mountaineers boots with all the hobnails in etc!
  10. Very nice the grain is fantastic.
    Have a pair of the Waxy tans myself, also had them make some of their cycling shoes in the same leather.
  11. DJH

    DJH I'll Lock Up

    My waxy tans arrived recently too. Very nice boots at a great price

  12. St. Valentine

    St. Valentine A-List Customer

    Congrats David! William Lennon´s are definitely my next pair of boot too.
  13. DJH

    DJH I'll Lock Up

    Thanks, Frank. The new Lennon's are not as nicely finished (although still very nice) as my Alden Indy boots, but the fit is better for me.

    I'd buy from them again for sure - only thing is, their 4 - 5 week lead time was more like 4 - 5 months. Worth the wait though!
  14. LoveMyHats2

    LoveMyHats2 I'll Lock Up

    WOW! Nice looking boots you guys, makes me think I need at least one pair!
  15. St. Valentine

    St. Valentine A-List Customer

    Ouch! :eeek: That´s surely a long time to wait. I just mailed them and asked for speed lacing hooks, but they don´t do that. No big deal, but a lead time of several month would really
    put me off. :eusa_doh:
  16. Chrome

    Chrome One of the Regulars

  17. St. Valentine

    St. Valentine A-List Customer

  18. Hmm I was thinking of asking for those on my next pair too, as you say not a major deciding factor......really not bothered about waiting tine as I am unlikely to be wearing any boots other than for work until end of August, just order them before you need them as save up your pennies until they are ready!
  19. jimmer_5

    jimmer_5 A-List Customer

    Esteban, those look fantastic! I have two pairs of Lennon's and they are fantastic. Congrats on a great purchase!
  20. Mine arrived in 4 days.


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