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Wow... cool compliment.

Discussion in 'Hats' started by driven_247, May 3, 2006.

  1. driven_247

    driven_247 New in Town

    I bought a vintage (I think) straw hat a couple months ago from the bay. I loved it from the fist time I put it on my head, and now it goes virtually everywhere with me.

    I was just in the bathroom at work and a guy asked: 'aren't you the one with that short brimmed straw hat?' I said yes, and he said he had one like it 30yrs ago and he thought it was cool then, and he thinks it's cool now. :) He said he has a couple Panamas now.

    I just thought it was cool to receive the compliment from a stranger when I wasn't even wearing it! A lot of people comment on it when I wear it, but with all the 'nice hat' comments, I can never really be sure if they're being sincere. (Don't really care either :D )... I still love it!

    Just thought I'd share. :D
  2. Very nice comment, indeed.
    I don't trust it, he broke the man code. He talked in the bathroom.:eek:fftopic: lol lol :eek:
  3. Location, location, location...

    Nice compliment, nonetheless! :)
  4. The code applies only when standing at a urinal or when in a stall. Other sections of the restroom are key areas for male discussion of attire and tactics.

    If you need some input I'll be standing by the sink.
  5. "Uh, Matt...you've got some toilet paper stuck to your shoe." (...and now back to your regularly scheduled thread.)
  6. driven_247

    driven_247 New in Town

    It was indeed by the sink. lol
  7. TommySalieri

    TommySalieri A-List Customer

    Yeah. Talking to a fellow man while taking a whizz seems very awkward, to say the least. :)

    It's nice that you get such good compliments. I only get weird stares. ;)
  8. And you're not supposed to stare down when at the urinal. Be a real man! Don't look at "yourself"! lol
  9. shoeshineboy

    shoeshineboy Practically Family

    never look over at a guy and ask him if he takes after his mother or father....bad timing...bad timing...:rage:

    mark the shoeshine boy
  10. Three cheers for equal time!!

    ...the ladies have their chats about girdles and corsets and bras (oh, my!); we have our discussions about proper bathroom etiquette. I wonder how many of our fairer members will peek in here to read this one!! lol
  11. They'll peek in, as the title of the thread gives nothing away. The real question is how far will the fairer ones continue reading?lol lol
  12. How 'bout them Bears???

    helluva team..

    yeah, helluva team.

  13. mmm hmmm. and that boxing match last night... helluva fight wouldn't ya say?
  14. I ain't too much onna fights.
  15. Story

    Story I'll Lock Up

    [Sign at eye level] Don't look here. The joke is in your hands [/Sign at eye level]

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