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WWII British Uniforms Guide: British Army

Discussion in 'WWII' started by Cobden, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Mike1939

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    My father was with 42 Commando in Malaya at that time.
  2. rpoppers

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    Can you ID my buttons?

    I've got a few brass buttons which my stepmother left me. She was scottish, and in London during WWII. She told us that the buttons were given to her off a young man's uniform, who had a shine for her and could have gotten in trouble for losing his buttons. They have an elaborate design: what I think of as scottish lion and unicorn rearing on both sides of a shield. There is a small crown above the shield, and a tiny beast--another lion?--on top of the crown. Across the bottom are scrolls of ribbons/wreaths. They say Birmingham Button Co., Ltd. on the back. They have shanks. I'd like to know what branch of the service they were used by; had thought they were RAF but have recently seen some of those and these are very different. It looks like you've done extensive research on WWII uniforms. If you don't recognize these, is there someone you can refer me to? [huh] Thanks for your help.
  3. Smithy

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    If they look like these...


    ...then they are standard British General Service buttons.
  4. the hairy bloke

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    Did Indian Army troops, deployed in Italy, wear berets?
  5. did WW2 british officers ever wear commando combined operations patches on their service dress No2 uniforms ? I know some did on battle dress uniforms but did they ever do so on service dress ? I ask because I have come across a supposed 1940's Fad officers service dress No2 uniform ( with royal artillery buttons on jacket ) that has commando combined operations patches sewn on it which is for sale which im interested in buying for 1940's re-actments, would these patches have been worn by officers on this uniform ?
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  6. Sorry to revive this old thread, but I'm a new member and I thought I'd chime in with some photos from my area of interest, the Highland regiments.

    This photo of some Gordon Highlanders in the Phoney War period shows the transition from the WWI-like Service Dress to the familiar WWII Battle Dress. What I find most interesting is the pairing of the Glengarry with BD and the TOS with the old SD.


    Pipe Major John MacLellan, Seaforth Highlanders, at Edinburgh Castle in 1940


    Royal Scots Fusiliers and Gordon Highlanders in Italy


    The Black Watch in France 1944


    Seaforth Highlanders Of Canada, North Africa


    Cameron Highlanders of Canada, North Africa


    Officer, France 1944


    Gordon Highlanders officer and American officer, one of my favourites

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  7. Yes the German copy was the M44 field blouse. Well not a "copy" so much as obviously inspired by Battle Dress


    The American copy, of course, was the famous "Ike Jacket".

    Here's the man himself with the original Ike Jacket, obviously copied from the British BD jacket

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  8. This is my kit


    Playing my Starck pipes made in 1945


    At Fort MacArthur

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