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WWII Quizz - Prize for the winner!

Discussion in 'WWII' started by Smithy, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

    Ok all and sundry I have a hardback first edition of Ian Kershaw's "Fateful Choices: Ten Decisions that Changed the World 1940 - 1941" which I'm offering up as the prize to kick off a WWII quizz thread here at the Lounge. I will send this airmail anywhere in the world to the first person who posts the correct answer to the following question:

    Which nation (out of those officially combative) produced more fighter aces per head of population than any other nation?

    PS - Hopefully this could become a regular feature here at the Lounge so if you have something you don't mind putting up as a prize, please do so).

    Answers please ladies and gents...
  2. Germany.
  3. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

  4. I'll take a stab at it -- Soviet Union
  5. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

    Nope again. Remember this is per head of population, not just the amount of aces that a country produced.

    As it happens, the correct nation is miles ahead of its nearest rival with 60 aces per million of population, runner up has 31 per million (Germany).
  6. Blonde

    Blonde New in Town

  7. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

    Sorry not Japan either.
  8. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

    Well done! NZ had the highest number of aces per head of population than any other combative nation with 60 aces per million (74 if you include V-1 aces).

    PM me your address Mister Cairo and a book shall be winging its way to you in the near future.

    For interest's sake the top 4 are as follows (numbers are aces per million of population):

    !) NZ - 60
    2) Germany - 31
    3) South Africa - 27
    4) Finland - 25
  9. Brilliant!

    I admit I was hoping it was Canada. Were we at least in the top 10???!!
  10. Blonde

    Blonde New in Town

    Never would have thought! It's always the last place you would think of.
  11. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

    Mister Cairo, Canada was 5th with 16 aces per million of population. Book is on its way!

    I actually have a very interesting article about why NZ produced so many aces and was arguably the best breeding gorund for fighter aces, fascinating reading. I'd post it here but fear I'd be in breach of copyright and have lawyers galore breathing down my neck!

    Once again, well done to Mister Cairo, and hopefully someone else steps up to put a prize up for the quizz.
  12. I guessed without using Google (NOT claiming Cairo did, I just like playing without Google)
    Congrat's mate! Good to know. I had little recollection of NZ in there, so props to them!!!
  13. I admitted it to Smithy, I'll admit it to all - I googled it! Again, my heart wanted to say Canada (we did much better statistically in the Great War) but somehow knew it was another Commonwealth ally!

    Maybe a "no google allowed" quiz???
  14. Would love that, but no way to enforce it.
    And 100% props for saying you did. You deserve the prize for that alone.
  15. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

    Quizz-wise, as I envisage it, it's up to the setter. I was probably a bit of a dope and didn't realise the answer was on the internet - joys of having a newborn and a head cold and hence unable to sleep!

    Hopefully someone else here has a book or thingumy-jiggy that they can put up as a prize.
  16. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

    OK chaps, who's going to put something up for the quiz?

    No tight-arses allowed :)
  17. Let me dig around my library and militaria collections. So I can keep the karma flowing!
  18. B-24J

    B-24J One of the Regulars

    Another quiz...

    Another WWII Quiz...

    A very good copy of Jonathan Falconer's, "Filming the Dam Busters" goes to the first Lounger who gives the correct answer to this question:

    What was the name of Guy and Eve Gibson's Dachshund?

    Yes, that's right - Dachshund.

    It wasn't easy to find a question that was not readily found on an internet search!

    Like Smithy, I will send the book airmail anywhere in the world (That gets mail!) to the first Lounger who posts the correct answer.



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