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You Know You're in Canada When...

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by MisterCairo, Dec 22, 2016.

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  4. You know you're in Canada when you start licking your lips at the thought of A&W poutine.

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  5. You know that you're in Canada because the passenger trains are clean and run on time.

  6. Yup. Both of them...
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  7. You know you're in Canada when you cheer at a baseball game by slamming the folding part of your seat up and down to make a loud, banging noise that makes five thousand people in the stands sound like fifty thousand.
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  8. Now, in all fairness, the last three trips I've taken on Amtrak also featured clean trains and on- time performances. I just wish that the trains ran as fast as what I experienced on a corridor run last year, round trip, between Toronto and Montreal. Even my wife ("No trains. I'd rather fly.") was impressed. And the business class treatment, although pricier, was a lot nicer than what Amtrak offers.
  9. More of a critique on how few trains we have. I do wish it could be expanded, beyond the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) commuter zone!
  10. I think an even cooler and more Canadian aspect of the story is that the guy was driving his own personal Zamboni that he purchased to clean his own backyard ice rink. It don't get much more Canadian than that!
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  12. ingineer

    ingineer One Too Many

    you are in either Canada or Maine
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  13. You know you're looking at a great rental, if it comes with a free block heater connection in the parking spot...
  14. hatsRme

    hatsRme I'll Lock Up

    Le Quebecois in you is showing, Lizzie... Now I'm (sort of) craving boudin, A?
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