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Your signature cocktail.

Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by Lady Day, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up

    That are the "basil-crush" or "basil-lemon-vodka"-cocktails.
  2. Gin and tonic made with Old Bombay Sapphire Blue , tonic and a splash of real ginger ale and lime ! All the Best , Fashion Frank
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  4. The classic Rusty Nail!
  5. SurfGent

    SurfGent Suspended

    In the Western portion of the U.S there's a chain of stores called. Beverages and More. Or known as Bevmo ! In there soda section they carry a COLA called. Puma COLA. A gourmet version of coke. Mix that with Jim beam black or regular Jack. For a outstanding better version of Jack and Coke. I say Jim beam black cause it's there 10 year old or something like that. And it's the same price as Jack but Jim beams higher end. So it upgrades the upgraded COLA
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  6. Steven180

    Steven180 One of the Regulars

    A Side Car...using Remy Martin and Triple Sec.

    A close second is a very dry Aviation.

  7. Big fan of Sidecars, but have found as I've gotten older, my capacity to down them has decreased, sadly.
  8. Bluefoam

    Bluefoam New in Town

    Tanqaray gin, ginger beer, two drops of tabasco sauce... Yum
  9. Steven180

    Steven180 One of the Regulars

    True, true. For me they are a winter drink as they were designed for. They do pack a punch when made properly though...

  10. Zachary

    Zachary Familiar Face

    My favorite drink to start an evening with: Grasshopper.

    Sweet, fruity, and mild.
  11. Good choice Frank, but I got with Tanqueray.
  12. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up

    In the 90s, I liked Coke and orange-juice 50/50. :D
  13. Tinkuy

    Tinkuy New in Town

    My signature drinks are chilcano de pisco and pisco sour.

    The chilcano is easier to make: get half ounce of lemon juice, two ounces of pisco and fill up the glass with ginger ale.
    Some people add a few drops of angostura bitters to their chilcanos. Not for me, thanks, but it is also an option.
  14. dannyk

    dannyk New in Town

    Old Fashioned. 2-3oz Bulleit Bourbon. 1.5 oz of water or club soda-shaken with two ice cubes. 1 sugar cube or a packet of raw sugar, 3-4 dashes of Angostura Bitters-Muddled. Add in the bourbon and water or club soda mixture. Orange peel and a brandied or maraschino cherry. Of course that’s being all those ingredients available. I’ll gladly work with much less
  15. redlinerobert

    redlinerobert One of the Regulars

    Grey goose and tonic. Also like a good paloma made with Don Julio reposado, squirt and limes..
  16. PeterGunnLives

    PeterGunnLives One of the Regulars

    Mine would be an Old Fashioned, typically with a medium-shelf bourbon or rye; think Bulleit or Knob Creek.
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  17. dannyk

    dannyk New in Town

    I’m the same way. Bulleit works great for this. It’s not trash but not expensive. When you get the more expensive or more exotic whisky, bourbons, or ryes I think they are best on their own. Don’t want to lose their taste in the cocktail. If I’m buying like a 200+ dollar bottle it better be able to be drank straight.
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