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Zipper Pin.........

Discussion in 'Skills and Smarts' started by TREEMAN, Feb 13, 2016.


    TREEMAN Practically Family

    The zipper pin came off the zipper on an Andrew Marc leather jacket. Most tailors that I showed it to say it needs a new zipper. Could JUST a new zipper pin be attached ?
  2. five6seven8

    five6seven8 New in Town

    Alas it looks as if the tailors are right:

    The DIY Tailor: Three common broken zipper problems and how to fix them

    "If either of the little tabs at the bottom of the zipper come off the zipper tape, there is no way to repair this. They are put on the tape as part of the manufacturing process. If the tabs on the bottom of the zipper or teeth in the middle/bottom of the zipper come off, you will have to replace the zipper."

    TREEMAN Practically Family

    I thought so....
  4. robrinay

    robrinay One Too Many

    Occasionally, zipper repair kits come up on eBay that include 'squeeze on' zipper pins in various sizes - I tried fixing one on a damaged Crown zipper tape - a waste of time as the tape had lost its 'edge ridge' - couldn't get it snug enough to the first teeth and it pulled off too easily! I got round the problem by using the Crown puller on a replacement compatible modern tape so it still looks original from a few inches away.
    It's worth mentioning that if you can get hold of an identical zipper you need only replace the male side.

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