Three Vintage Hats You Need to Buy Today - 5-3-2018

By Nathan Flowers · May 2, 2018 · ·
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  1. Nathan Flowers
    This is a new feature-- a weekly roundup of three hat finds from around the net.


    Up first is size 7 3/4 1930s Stetson raw edge. Larger hats like this are tough to find these days, and this one appears to be in pretty good shape, especially after a clean and block.


    Next is another large size 7 3/4 Zephyr Weight 1930s Stetson. This one is in even better condition than the first, and the price reflects it, though considering what a new hat from a custom maker is going to cost you...well, you make the decision.


    Finally, for the rodeo or doing some yardwork, here's a vintage 1950s-1960s Resistol 7 1/8 western hat. It has some mothing here and there, but would be a killer addition to any collection.

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  1. HatLoverGirl
    Does anyone know how I can collaborate on blog posts? That is if anyone is interested
      ChieffaloAmericana likes this.
  2. splintercellsz
    I like these little articles! Lounge is moving in the right direction
    1. RJR
      I agree.
    2. HatLoverGirl
      I couldn't agree more!
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