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  1. TikiOneTwo
  2. ideaguy
    ideaguy drmaxtejeda
    Dr. Max- went up to the attic-and found a few hats hiding away...a Shuddie Bros.,Houston number in ivory-my size
    (7 3/8), a nice Borsalino in dark Caramel Brown-an Art Fawcett...and a few more; also have a vintage leather mailbag-
    from back in the day...pretty darn nice,looks splendid- give me a holler if you have any interest-
  3. Steinbockhase
    Stingys and Pork-Pies are my favorites.
  4. Poul
    Poul navetsea
    Bespoke leather jacket
  5. kojax
    kojax Mich486
    good morrning buddy i did not get your meaasge can i help you thanks again
  6. kojax
    kojax Grayland
    good morning your right i hate to go any lower lol
  7. kojax
    kojax Grayland
    good morning buddy if anybody is looking for my vest i am selling let me know thanks again
    1. Grayland
      I'm really surprised it hasn't sold. It is a great vest and a great price.
      Nov 13, 2018
  8. Courage75
    Courage75 nkang
    Hej, sorry to bother you and apologies in advance if I missed something obvious - but is your MFSC CPO shirt still available? Thanks. Peter
  9. jac
    Shoveling out of Purgatory.
  10. Nathaniel Long
    Nathaniel Long
    Hey y'all I'm new to the fedora lounge, and just wanted to say hello to everybody. It's good to be here with other hat lovers!
  11. Redquill
    Where's my hat ......
  12. ljs1960
    Long John Silver
  13. LongTallTexan
    LongTallTexan Yahoody
    I have been trying to get a hold of one or two beaver hat bodies for a while. Winchester said they are backed up til at least February or March, and I'm not even sure they would sell to me since I am not a "hat maker". You mentioned in the making a western hat by hand thread to send you a message if we were on that quest. Would you be able to help me get my hands on one?
    1. Yahoody
      Winchester 100% beaver blanks run $200 plus actual shipping. Let me know if you are still interested.
      Nov 4, 2018
  14. Ivano
    Ivano carole wolthausen
    Carole not sure if you are still actively looking but I have several fedoras that have the Wolthausen labels on them. If you look up my posts you will see a number of these but I can send you some specific shots of the Wolthausen label
  15. photo2u
    j23 options
  16. Mustang Mike's Hats
    Mustang Mike's Hats Air Wing Marine
    Welcome Devil Dog! Pleased to have a fellow a Air Winger in the group! Semper Fi!
  17. TheOldFashioned
    A little sweet, a little bitter, a whole lot of kick
  18. Massimo M.
    Massimo M.
    ...watch the birdie!
  19. Bugguy
    Extended for another six months in Newark. Oh joy! Another winter in New Jersey.
  20. bwildered
    all hat, no cattle
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