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  1. Andrew Putnam
    Andrew Putnam
    Looking to buy my first Aero Jacket. Hard to figure out which one without being able to try on.
  2. Bugguy
    Finally out of Newark. Packed my waders for 3 months in Iowa City.
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  3. BillyLocke2
    Bushcraft sewing, bdu pants and shirts in solid earth colors. “Take what I Have and make it Work”. BadCompany2 (squared)
  4. JessieJames
    This is going to hurt my wallet
  5. Geno929
    Newbee to a Quality hat.
  6. dingoman
    dingoman Boyo
    Hi Boyo! Pics of S.F.A.D. B-3 in size 48 can be found on my advertisement. Cheers, Pertti
    1. Boyo
      Hello, Thank you for posting, that sure is an impressive jacket and a real statement piece..
      Apr 26, 2019
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    2. dingoman
      The jacket is very flawless to wear and yet, it's very, very comfy!!
      Apr 26, 2019
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  7. Lucky Girl
    Lucky Girl
    I guess it's been quite some time since I've visited TFL, because the layout is completely different than I remember.
  8. JTSwifty
    Even so...
  9. JTSwifty
    Will there be coffee?
  10. enofile
    enofile bolthead
    Sorry, as I’m not used to these forums etc. I am interested in smaller sized hats. I wear anything from a 67/8 to a 7. In addition, I am a neophyte about vintage hats, and have just started to understand the quality of vintage. You may contact me with my email address; enofile@gmail.com
    Thanks. PG
    1. bolthead
      are u interested in more than 1 hat?
      Apr 20, 2019
  11. sh71382
    sh71382 Ivano
    Found your post on a hundred hats, curious if any 7 1/2 hats are for sale at all? If not they all look gorgeous and thank you for sharing!
  12. Zhhm sports
    Zhhm sports Ahsan
    http://zhhmsports.com/ Zhhm Sports has been one of the leading producers of all kinds of Sports Wears, Hoodies, Martial Arts, Cycling Gloves, Motor Bike Gloves, Sublimated Shirts and also Weight-lifting Gear from last 30 years. Zhhm Sports is known to provide highest quality and most competitive advanced products in time at best price to the customers.
  13. Scarr
    Second star on the right, straight on until morning.
  14. troypennock
    troypennock sjc501
    I have thought about your Sunburst jacket. I wanted to pay $500 and you wanted a figure higher than that. If I paid $550 and the PayPal fee and you paid the shipping cost (I prefer USPS with tracking), would that meet your requirements? Reply: troypennock447@gmail.com
  15. Hat and Rehat
    Hat and Rehat
    Stumbling around in the dark
  16. Gutmann
    Gutmann T_Rendy
    Jetzt habe ich dich gegunden!
    1. T_Rendy
      Na also!
      Apr 3, 2019
  17. Anthony Shaw
    Anthony Shaw
    Grateful Ant
  18. Austinite
  19. 2mar10
    2mar10 T Jones
    Nice hat, T.
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    2. T Jones
      T Jones
      Thank you, buddy!
      Mar 24, 2019
  20. Around
    Is this thing on?
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