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  1. Boomerang
    Pondering... what it is that I want to be... if I ever grow up.
  2. 59Lark
    troubled and full of dread but cheerful otherwise
  3. Bonneville
  4. kojax
    kojax Reginald Buckleaf III
    brooks borther still make this jacket
  5. Frizzleburger
    Frizzleburger polloelastico
    How did you get in contact with Tenjin? Do they do custom fit and details? I did not know this. I love their jackets but having issues trying to communicate with them? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Ray Dunham
    Ray Dunham Mysteryo
    Mysteryo, good morning! Do you still have the Rising Sun Jacket for sale? I would like to buy it. Thank you, Ray
  7. Ray Dunham
    Ray Dunham Mysteryo
    Good morning, I am new to the Fedora Lounge. I am interested in buying the Rising Sun Cattlemans Jacket. Can I pay via paypal and if so what is the total cost including shipping to the US? Costa Mesa CA 92626 Thank you, Ray
  8. Bugguy
    I can't believe I'm back in Newark for 6 months. Passing through EWR is a cruel and unusual punishment.
  9. J Williams
    J Williams
    Justin - 7 3/8 LO
  10. AbbaDatDeHat
    AbbaDatDeHat HerculesLeatherCo
    Why do i have insufficient privileges to reply or post on your thread???
    1. HerculesLeatherCo
      I'm really not sure about that, i have no control over who posts or what can be posted on the thread, i think you should contact an admin or monitor for the site.
      Please let me know if i can help in any way?
      Kind regards

      Aug 13, 2019
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  11. ebhurtt
    ebhurtt J Williams
    Hi J Williams, I just got home and wanted to check in with you on the Sovereign. Still available? Looks great and I'd love to buy it if possible. Thanks, EB Hurtt-
  12. Trenchfriend
    Trenchfriend feldkappe
    Hi, Feldmütze! ;-))
  13. Boz
    Boz Edward
    Edward, I'm sorry about the loss of your cats-- I think the death of a pet is the most difficult 'loss' to overcome, having lost four cats in thirty or so years. I wish I could offer some sort of uplifting words---
    Best regards,
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    2. Edward
      Peter, thank-you, much appreciated; in the years since we lost Marlene it's beocme easier to deal with, but of course you always miss them. I try to see it as when their little lives come to an end, it gives we longer-lived species an opportunity to make another little life a good one. Cheers, Ed
      Aug 7, 2019
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  14. Magadag
    loving and living the 1930s
  15. shilpichawla
    Hey! I am diljotkaur a hot and lusty babe.
  16. zebedee
    In Taiwan
  17. Bugguy
    I can't believe I'm heading back to Newark for 6 months. Passing through EWR is a cruel and unusual punishment.
  18. JJackie
  19. boris48
    I have no pictures of me wearing my fedora or Brent Black. I have a Panama Hats Direct Cuenca on the way. The ponytail got gone in 2013.
  20. Mister Haberdashing
    Mister Haberdashing humanshoes
    If you're still doing tools I would love to order a jack along with desktopgrass let me know if youre up to it. Some plans would also be awesome if you're not making them.
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