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  1. Rufus Dayglo
    Rufus Dayglo
    Caffeine fueled rambling, should probably be working....
  2. Bugguy
    Newark is squeezing the life out of me. One more month and I think I'm done. Just holding out for my second COVID shot.
  3. northcoast
    northcoast Chevyman
    Hi. Lmk what sort of pics you would like and i'll do my best to take them.
  4. Akiva
    Black hat brigade
  5. Lone Starr
    Lone Starr tmitchell59
    Hi tmitchell59,
    I see you are listing some of your jackets for sale. Do you still have that ELMC Californian 44 in Walnut? If so, would you be willing to part with it? Thank you.
    1. tmitchell59
      that jacket was sold
      Jan 22, 2021 at 3:50 AM
  6. asaptnet
  7. Frank Castle
    Frank Castle ksunnyh
    RM D-1 measurements please. Have a pleasant weekend. Thank you.
  8. denimg7
    I like TRM, The Flat Head and FreeWheelers
  9. SGmoto20
    SGmoto20 Ken David
    Taking offers on your 5 11 180# I think it would work
  10. Tomtomgo
    Never go with the flow..
  11. Aleksanda Jeremic
  12. Grasp loo paper
    Grasp loo paper
    New enthusiast
  13. PDXHAT
    Lock & Co., Stetson , Borsalino. Love them all.
  14. Santini Nj
    Santini Nj andyone
    Hello do you know what shipping would be to the states
    1. andyone
      I will ask at my Post office and let you know.
      Jan 1, 2021
  15. Garry
    No one can understand that this is not your work, it is completely genuine
  16. Garry
    I recommend it for all people. You can always use the services of real experts in your field. They will do it much better, faster than you.
  17. Garry
  18. Bowie Lam
    Bowie Lam
    I am a vintage clothing enthusiast in Hong Kong. I also make and sell early 1900s style inspired caps.
  19. lospice1
    lospice1 warthog
    any chance the lee leather jacket is still for sale?
  20. Lannon
    Akubra,Stetson & Resistol are my choice.
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