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    Viberg 2030, 8.5 Shell Cordovan, Color 8

    Is that in dark brown?
  2. BlueAltitudes

    FS: Schott Suede Perfecto collab with Stag Provisions Size M. $400

    $400, buyer pays shipping. CONUS only. I bought this jacket last year while I was experimenting with some different styles/colors of leather jackets. I am selling it because I've only worn this jacket once since then and it's just been sitting in the closet while I wear my other jackets. I...
  3. BlueAltitudes

    Leather wallets - Shinki / kangaroo / bridle

    Ooo, these are nice. I may be sending you a message if I deem my wallet in need of replacement.
  4. BlueAltitudes

    FS: Avirex Bomber Jacket WW2 Size M

    Bump. Anyone? Trying to move this outta the closet.
  5. BlueAltitudes

    FS: Avirex Bomber Jacket WW2 Size M

    $100 shipped final price drop.
  6. BlueAltitudes

    Fine Creek Leather

    Thanks man! You should post another picture of it sometime. It's beautiful! I'm still breaking my Fine Creek in. Takes forever haha.
  7. BlueAltitudes

    Fine Creek Leather

    Dude, where did you score this one? I love the look of that jacket. I'm a fan of buttons on leather jackets :).

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