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    all hat, no cattle

    all hat, no cattle
  2. bwildered

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Bliss.... it is Turkish, and subtitled....
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    most excellent My thanks to the ladies who posted here. what a bunch of classy dolls. Not being retro myself, whenever I think of pinup art, I am reminded of WWII bomber nose art. Pinups were widely used there. allow me to bump this thread..... Bwild
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    my hat's off to the kentucky derby

    I love the ladies hats on display for this event. Perhaps it is because I love the ladies..........
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    Denim Jackets: Vintage and reproduction . . .

    ahhhh.... takes me back to my younger day. I really liked the look in those days. I am not sure my better half would stand for it these days......
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    Dating for Fedora Loungers?

    I am not really into the vintage scene, just into hats....that's how I ended up here. As far as meeting women is concerned, like the old saying goes, "there's one on every corner".
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    Which decade is the worst in terms of style?

    Personally, I think every decade has something to laugh at..............
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    The Great Beer Thread

    I will consider myself duly chastised.....
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    Show us your suits

    Larry, I wish I had the suit you are wearing in your avatar, you look great!
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    "The Pacific" - can it possibly live up to expectations?

    Try reading "King Rat" by James Clavell... a good look at prisoner of war treatment
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    The Great Beer Thread

    home brewer here My favorite kind of beer is Free beer, next, free cold beer. Seriously, being a homebrewer, I enjoy all sorts of commercial beers also. I usually have a mix in my fridge of my own (currently a lighter "steam" beer {lager yeast brewed at a higher temperature}) a lighter wheat...
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    And Ode to the British Service Revolver

    @DerMann I especially like the photo containing the Fairburn-Sykes.... A classic knife.
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    Felt hat basics

    Thank you Lots of good info here, gave me the courage to steam shape my xxxxx felt ranch cowboy hat, fits like a glove. Bwild
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    Flask Question

    I recently dug out my flask, it has been years since I used it. Although it has a "stainless steel" tag on the bottom, it was considerably tarnished. I used some silver polish on it, and it shined right up. The occaision of the resurrection was a golf tournament I was attending, and I wanted...