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    Clean Jokes

  2. Doctor Damage

    Unissued Matt CWU-45/P

  3. Doctor Damage

    Clean Jokes

  4. Doctor Damage

    USAF N-3B parkas - Let's talk about them!!

    Great photo finds, and a useful review of the recent Alpha parkas, Manolito.
  5. Doctor Damage

    USAF N-3B parkas - Let's talk about them!!

    I have one of these USA civvy models and the "fur" lining the hood is as good as the old military parkas, and the "fur" ruff is probably the best looking synthetic fur I've ever seen, and the overall fit/design is accurate to the old military parkas. But you're quite right, the insulation in the...
  6. Doctor Damage

    USAF N-3B parkas - Let's talk about them!!

    This is an excellent post and I commend it to everyone. Not that I was ever in the USAF or issued one, but yeah, the design of these things is weird and best worn over 10 other layers. Ironically, the N3 and N3A parkas were probably better than the N3B since the earlier designs had zippers that...
  7. Doctor Damage

    USAF N-3B parkas - Let's talk about them!!

    My advice is to get the best you can since getting a cheap-o version first will be disappointing and will be a waste of money. Keep in mind these things have a wonky fit, especially the mil-spec ones (old and recent). If you are going to be out in proper winter weather, like the Canadian or US...
  8. Doctor Damage

    Women's leather jackets

  9. Doctor Damage

    Fur coats?

    ^ most excellent coat Mike, thanks for posting! amazing to see the interior fur-lined, must be extremely warm
  10. Doctor Damage

    Best Leather Gloves?

    This has been my approach, too, since for me gloves are like socks, i.e. I destroy them. For some two decades now I just wear these gloves (below). Daily abuse destroys them after a couple years but that's long enough for me. https://www.watsongloves.com/products/587-range-rider/...
  11. Doctor Damage

    What parka did legendary Dick Proenneke wear?

    With respect to everyone, the fact is that in any given decade there would have been dozens, perhaps hundreds of different parkas available for sale to civilians, so absent any clear badges or logos, or any specific historical information, high-res photos, or unique design features, it's nearly...
  12. Doctor Damage

    Fur coats?

  13. Doctor Damage

    BK Durable "The Wild One" One Star Double Rider

    In the other thread on the Wild One jacket we noted that photos more or less "prove" that the jacket worn by Brando in the movie had had the lining removed, which no doubt affected how it fit him and draped, and probably goes a long way to explaining by reproductions and even vintage finds never...
  14. Doctor Damage

    US Navy & US Marine Corp Boat Cloaks, and US Army Capes

    Regarding boat cloaks, I guess I forgot to post this link: https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2015/08/13/out-of-date-tiara-cloak-shed-from-navy-uniform-racks/

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