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    F/S GW Dubow size 42 with Crown Chevron zipper

    Damn thats a nice jacket....if only I could spare the cash.
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    Free Vintage Commercials & More

    Save them to your harddrive and them either move them or copy them to the flash drive.
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    Fedora Lounge Club Tie

    Those are some rad ties, I am probably gonna get one soon. been awhile since I have been to an event...Matt and I were talking about it and it would be awesome if people actually would wear them to events.
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    The Bazooka

    The picture above is the M20 Rocket launcherin comparison to the M1A1 Bazooka which fired a 2.36 inch projectile the M20 fires a 3.5 inch projectile and has a bipod capability. But it alsobreaks into two halves like the late war model of the bazooka which designation I do not recall right now...
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    Unseen In The Worse Places [Blackjacks & Saps]

    Well to bring back this old thread I thought I would let you guys know the source for these items are now soley left to collectors and South Ord. saps are still available from one brother, and the other has stopped making coshes, I bought the last 5 he made.The second from the left is made with...
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    2nd Gold Rush

    very well aware...which is why you always look for visible claim markers in the vicinity and they have to have highly visible claim markers. Those are the rules the claim owners have to go by. I am a member of the GPAA, as well as another prospecting org up here in the High Desert. There are...
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    WWII Army Officers Dress Shoes

    SM Wholesale is still alive and well, they just don't update the site. And their store / factory is semi local. I can put you in contact with the right people if you wanna order anything. just pm me.
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    2nd Gold Rush

    For me, its one of the healthiest hobbies you can get into, I mean once you have the equipment its basically free except for gas and food. And you are guaranteed a dividend for your trouble and if you do your research well enough you can cover your equipment plus gas and food and whatever else...
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    2nd Gold Rush

    Even when you say its been picked over, that is proof there is gold there, and I can guarantee there is still a sizable amount of gold in the location its nearly impossible to get it all especially with the equipment they used then and the equipment we use today.
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    2nd Gold Rush

    Actually, it doesn't always require water, water is nice though especially for placer mining. Wind and time are also good friends to the prospector. Thats why I do alot of prospecting in the desert not only because its in my locale but because at one time that entire away was once a river, or a...
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    Found something interesting on a prospectin trip...

    No swing arm on the fire place and no mantel either...it was just a plain fire stone masonry fireplace.
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    Found something interesting on a prospectin trip...

    Roger that, and yeah testment too good old fashioned construction, the way the rocks are used is pretty cool very strong and secure building hasn't crumbled yet.
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    Found something interesting on a prospectin trip...

    LOL I don't see that being a problem for me, right now no time for girls. 40+ hrs a week plus school, and prospecting...ha. not exactly girl magnet. Most people don't even know what prospecting is...so I have to give the "The thing they do at Knotts Berry farm..." explanation. Its a good...
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    Found something interesting on a prospectin trip...

    I like the way you think...good thing I have friends with experience in hard rock mining. I also have access to seismic monitors, and some thermal cams. there is only one road leading into this compound and then its butt up against the mountain side.