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    1st Iraq War Medal of Honor Announced

    No matter what opinion of the US involvement in Iraq an individual may hold, it is the epitome of bad taste to put down the men and women who serve there. Criticize the administration that sends troops if you will, but leave off calling our service personnel mercenaries and murderers. As a...
  2. Gershomite

    Vintage Beaver Art Fawcett

    It sounds great Andy, but I cannot get into the photobucket site to see it. It is asking for 'andykev' login in order to proceed. :cry: Gersh
  3. Gershomite

    I want a cool cloth hat...any ideas

    I love the Tilley, and recommend it without reservation. The next one I get will be the Hemp model...it has a rather good look about it. :) Gersh
  4. Gershomite

    Happy Chanukah!

    Chag Sameach Chanukka! (Happy Chanukka Holiday) :) Gersh
  5. Gershomite

    "Toffee" Optimo Signature Line

    And as the sun sets slowly in the West, so ends another episode of "How the Harried Hatter felt about Felt" Tune in next time when we will hear Grandpa say: "How come nobody wants a screen accurate 'Robinson Crusoe' hat?" :) Gersh
  6. Gershomite

    Better fit

    I had not really thought about the difference that the armhole where the sleeve meets the jacket body makes in overall fit and moveability before, but what Matt says makes perfect sense. There is a marked difference in jacket rise between some of my jackets and others, and the arm hole...
  7. Gershomite

    Photos of my Henry the Hatter vintage grey Fedora...

    (sings) "Nice hat, oh by the way my noggin is size 7..." Seriously, it is a good looking hat. Is there no way that you may have it sized up a bit? I won a Cavanagh from eBay that was sized up from 6 7/8 to just a tad over 7 and it worked out great. Great pics by the way. :) Gersh
  8. Gershomite

    Speaking of Props ... !

    I really like some of those fonts. I have downloaded the free samples, and am trying to import them into Word. :) Gersh
  9. Gershomite

    If I had to pick one girl from the golden era

    One woman from the Golden Era? Jean Harlow, no contest. She is the only blonde that I have ever had eyes for. Matt: Emma Peel, very nice. However, since there is only one of her and two of us, I will opt for a 'knock off'...give me 99 (barbara Feldon) from "Get Smart" Max...
  10. Gershomite

    I finally got a vintage hat!!!!

    I finally got a vintage hat via eBay as well. It is a Cavanagh Homburg. Very very nice hat. The felt of the body is soft soft soft, yet is has a bit of resiliancy when a finger presses against it. The brim is somewhat stiffer, holding its shape so well I think I could carry stuff in it. The...
  11. Gershomite

    Hat Pilgrimage #3: Charlie Swindall

    Ditto on the taper question. I prefer a bit of built-in taper in my hat, but I do not want it to develop a mind of its own and taper when exposed to the elements. I want the hat to protect me noggin AND keep looking as sharp as the day I first pulled it from the hatbox. Pull no punches and...
  12. Gershomite

    My Real McCoys A-2

    That looks to be a first rate score, Fedora. Pictures, man, pictures! :) Gersh
  13. Gershomite

    Sidekick wanted

    Great pics Matt. :) Gersh
  14. Gershomite

    Best Classic Cars to Buy and Own

    Wow. You got me with the Jaguar MKII, probably my all-time favorite atuo. I really like the Aston Martin V8, but would go with the Jag because it is sooo cool. :) Gersh
  15. Gershomite

    "Toffee" Optimo Signature Line

    Zohar, I must say that is the most comfortable looking new hat I believe I've ever seen. It looks very soft and...well, friendly. :) Gersh

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