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  1. JJ Katz

    Boater faction!

    For a hayloft of straw hats the likes of which was probably not seen since the 1930s, see some images here of the 2022 Grand Flaneur Walk, organised by The Chap. https://thechap.co.uk/2022/05/16/the-second-grand-flaneur-walk/
  2. JJ Katz

    1890 and 1920 Montgomery Ward catalogs

    After all these years still fascinated by the fact that nearly all hats are just called "hat", without all the faux precise terminology that began as hats were on the wane. The vanity of small differences indeed.
  3. JJ Katz

    Fedoras afield

    And another?
  4. JJ Katz

    Fedoras afield

    On the understanding that there will be a mix of hats shown but they are indeed "afield", this is from yesterday, at teh Savoy.
  5. JJ Katz

    Is a black waistcoat acceptable with White Tie?

    No one will shout at you if you wear a black waistcoat but a white one looks better, with white tie, adn it is *certainly* correct. I mean, I get the desire for variety but just how often do you wear white tie??? :-)
  6. JJ Katz

    The Bowler or Derby Hat

    Thanks! All there's under the band is a number (5143), perhaps a serial. There is an embossed moniker, too (visible on the band) that says "The Buoyant", perhaps the model of the hat>. The hat has small holes at the top of the crown for ventilation I guess, in the days when gents wore derbies...
  7. JJ Katz

    The Bowler or Derby Hat

    A recent outing of my one and only bowler and vintage hat Some close-ups, as people have asked before...
  8. JJ Katz

    Boater faction!

    These period ads a brilliant; they really give a sense of how these hats were perceived adn marketed, at the time.
  9. JJ Katz

    Homburg Nation

    Wow... Really great. Do you ever do homburgs with a more 'curled' brim? (as seen from the front)
  10. JJ Katz

    The Bowler or Derby Hat

    Thanks for that.
  11. JJ Katz

    The Bowler or Derby Hat

    Does any contemporary brand make a nice brown derby/bowler with a curved brim?
  12. JJ Katz

    Boater faction!

    Since people on this forum were so kind about previous pics of our boaters out and about at parties, etc., I am taking the liberty of posting a few more, conscious of the fact that these are nothing compared to the amazing collector's items posted on this thread... This was the second annual...
  13. JJ Katz

    Boater faction!

    What a great collection of "boater" ads! I think they are very useful from a historical standpoint. I notice that most just refer to them as "straw hats", just as most (nearly all?) pre-war ads for what people nowadays call trilbies and fedoras just call them "hats" or at most "felt hats".
  14. JJ Katz

    Wonderland City

    This recent event might be of interest to some more pics here: https://www.facebook.com/events/540868480266873/?active_tab=discussion
  15. JJ Katz

    2021 Gatsby picnic

    What a great event! We had our second annual Pukka Picnic here in London. A much more low-key event, but still fun.

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