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    Post New Hats Here!

    Just got this one to this point but am not sure it’s finished. Still thinking about doing a bound brim and giving it a bit upturn.
  2. JVaughn1613

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today ?

    Straw Open Road in Cognac
  3. JVaughn1613

    Hat making?? Learning Millinery..

    Merry Christmas Darrell! I’m also trying to learn hatmaking. I know about being slow and learning from mistakes
  4. JVaughn1613

    The Trials and Tribulations of Hat Stiffener

    I'm curious what kind of floor sealer you used for this recipe. I looked a little online and found sealers for all different types of floors including wood, concrete and vinyl floors.
  5. JVaughn1613

    Post New Hats Here!

    Thanks for the info! I appreciate it. That Stetson you just posted looks brand new. It amazes me the condition of a lot of these hats for their age.
  6. JVaughn1613

    Post New Hats Here!

    Hello, I’m a total newbie to this forum and fedoras both new and vintage. I just bought what I believe to be a vintage hat but aside from that, I don’t know much other than it’s a Resistol. Is there anyone who could help out on any more specific details like approximately age, model, what it...