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    Checks! (Cheques!)

    I rarely write checks because I prefer my debit card, although my checks are very cute. They are the old version of winnie the pooh, like the drawings from the old books.
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    WHAT did I just do to my hair...

    I tried to dye my platinum blonde hair back to my natural medium blonde color. When I went to Sally's the guy working told me which color to use and actually handed me the bottle. Little did I know that the "N" in 8N meant neutral and since my hair had no color whatsoever, it turned grey...
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    a witty comeback and a single bangle
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    Handsome Fellas!

    William Shatner anyone? Well before 1970 anyway!
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    Favourite Scents

    I usually wear Lacoste's Lacoste for women. It's fresh and not too heavy. When I dress up I usually wear Il Bacio by Marcella Borghese. Although it's not a vintage type, I think it has a similar smell to some of the classics without the price tag.
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    Vintage eyebrow shapes

    Here's a picture from a week ago: Here's one from a few mins ago: In person, the second set of brows look better. The angle is weird in that picture and makes them look really far apart, but they arent. I only pucked on the inside of my brows. I have a few complements in only the last...
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    Vintage eyebrow shapes

    I was very inspired by Lauren's recent magazine post to completely shave off my eyebrows and just pencil them, but I chickened out! I do dress more 30s than 40s and I actually like the thin look better on me. Has anyone actually shaved them off? I would love to hear an experience about it.
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    Girdles, Corsets, and Underpinnings

    I have very similar measurements at 36-31-43. I just got over my big hip issue. I even thought about starting a little corset training so I could shrink my waist to about a 27 or so. I love the look of a defined waist with large hips. I think we have ideal bodies!
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    How DO You Keep Your Curls?

    My hair won't hold a curl if it isn't a wetset. I recommend sponge rollers on damp hair overnight, letting them dry for at least 8 hours. The smaller the amount of hair, the quicker it dries too. Use bobby pins to keep the hair in a particular place, even if you have to use 15 of them. I...
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    Looking for *darling* 20s-40s haircut

    It does take quite a bit of gel to hold the wave. I had it done before at a beauty school and I think they used too much. Even for the pincurls the student but in gel for EVERY curl. When I do it at home, I just gel my whole head with a quarter size amount. It sounds like the person you saw...
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    Viewing the past through our eyes

    Specialty shops, thanks to super stores. I love specific shops, but many cannot afford to exist anymore.
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    I would be an actress like Betty Hutton who was a good at mostly everything and was, of course, a talented singer.
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    What do you look like?

    Everyone's pics were so lovely, I had to post one. This is of me when I wasn't expecting and I have red eyes! But, I still think it's cute.
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    How do you like your eggs?

    I like mine over medium with a piece of toast. No one can make an egg like my grandma!
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    Show us your vintage hats!

    I know I'm a little behind... ...but I have been busy! I finally took some pics of my favorite hats because I have way too many to show all!