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    An early summer visit to Seattle.

    Thank you for that suggestion. I am really looking forward to visiting, it is funny though the whole world seems to be descending on London and I am escaping! I'm hoping there is some kind of jive night too. x
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    An early summer visit to Seattle.

    Ah, it is just that I know the people who post here ignore whole sections of the forum! x
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    An early summer visit to Seattle.

    Hi, I have also posted on 'The great outdoors' about this, but am trying to get my head around a trip to Seattle in early June (I am a Londoner) and thought maybe one of you ladies could suggest some decent shopping opportunities or anything vintage/retro of interest. I gather it is (gulps!) a...
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    Excuse me Miss, do you Blog?

    Blog: Vintage stereotype quiz Hello, I grew sick of those 'what kind of sausage are you?' quizzes on face book. Decided to put my own silly quiz up although it is also a sly dig at stereotyping. It is a bit Anglocentric and a bit rude (easily offended please avoid as I don't like offending!)...
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    How do the 40's and burlesque go hand in hand?

    burlesque US performers in the 40's/50's seem to have cleverly adopted the name of another genre 'burlesque' to distance themselves from crasser styles of stripping (perhaps it was Gypsy Rose Lee who did this, I remember reading that?). In Europe burlesque was adult cabaret/vaudeville and its...
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    Vintage lady grumpiness...

    Vintage lady grumpiness Well the vintage grumpiness continues, over here in Albion a certain vintage festival has caused comment, and some of the responses to these have been nasty and personal. I felt compelled to write again, on whether I was a vintage snob. I'm not even uber vintage, just a...
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    Vintage lady grumpiness...

    Vintage Lady Grumpiness The girls in question are often not completely retro themselves and I used to get the same thing when I was brunette. Mind you if I were blonde I would be seriously tempted by that lilac shade! I don't mind when they don't notice or a cursory nod, but sometimes a...
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    Vintage lady grumpiness...

    hello there, Over here in England we have been a bit grumpy lately, our hot sun was driven away by driving rain, Vintage at Goodwood annoyed the hell out of dozens of people and we are being governed by twits. I decided in the general zeitgeist of things to have a moan about the rare negatives...
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    Excuse me Miss, do you Blog?

    Blogging frenzy! Recently I have been blog busy, posts include reviews of Shoreditch soho house and Bob Bob Ricard, Anglocentric I know but another post, on Kimono isn't! Also a couple of opinion pieces, on weight perception. Please have a look if you have a spare moment, and comment. It is...
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    Vivien of Holloway

    Vivien of Holloway Shop. Hello Ladies, I visited and blogged about their shop where I had a positive experence, please see this blog entry. http://redlegsinsoho.blogspot.com/2010/06/vivien-of-holloway-shop-review.html I'll link to some pictures of me wearing them, now I have fixed the...
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    Show us your hair do's....

    vintage hair blog entry Hello, I'm not new here but have had to change my details due to internet 'issues'. I have started blogging and just wrote about attending my regular appointment at Betty's vintage salon in London. Please see here if you are interested...

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