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  1. Nobert replied to the thread My kind of place.

    As much as I've ever had fantasies of owning a business (which is not much), one would be a five-and-dime type of place like that.

    Apr 4, 2020 at 2:57 AM
  2. Nobert liked 3fingers's post in the thread My kind of place.

    Wasn't quite sure what thread to revive for this, so just enjoy the picture. :) Stolen from Lee Sinatra in 1930s World on Facebook....

    FB_IMG_1585862971351.jpg Apr 4, 2020 at 2:55 AM
  3. Nobert liked Zombie_61's post in the thread So trivial, yet it really ticks you off..

    Yes, because broken showerheads usually get replaced.

    Mar 31, 2020 at 4:51 PM
  4. Nobert liked scottyrocks's post in the thread Chronic Illness.

    It's been 2 1/2 years since I wrote post #81. I had forgotten about this thread (no small surprise that I remember much), but I have...

    Mar 30, 2020 at 10:24 PM
  5. Nobert liked LizzieMaine's post in the thread How is Coronavirus affecting you?.

    I've heard a lot of wolf-crying in the past, and have developed a pretty skeptical view of internet-fueled hysteria especially. But I...

    Mar 30, 2020 at 1:17 AM
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