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    Show a well dressed Vintage bald (balding) man???

    Hello gents, I feel like hair is a quintessential part of vintage wear, and do I love my hair.. or what I have left of it. I'm sure as many of you on here are dealing with the same problem as well, and the fear of losing the hair is maybe losing the style as well? Now, I refuse to take meds...
  2. rtrann9ball

    Spear point collar shirts

    Would love to see them if you get a chance!
  3. rtrann9ball

    Spear point collar shirts

    Hey gents! I'm a novice when it comes to buying and dressing vintage. I've finally ot the chance to pick up some nice high waist trousers, but I'm having trouble finding dress shirts and would like to use a collar bar with it. Custom and vintage are a little out of my price range for the moment...
  4. rtrann9ball

    Where to Get 1940s-Style Trousers?

    Hey friends!! Long time viewer, first time poster!! ANY HELP AND POINTING TO THE RIGHT THREADS OR SUGGESTIONS WOULD BR MUCH APPRECIATED!!! I am looking for any suggestions where I can find some store bought dress slacks (Ralph Lauren, etc) with a higher rise, pleated, and cuffs) Nothing...
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    What do you use to shave?

    Hey Gents! This is my very first post and am very excited! I just started shaving with both a Straight and a Double edge! My Straight is an Art of Shaving Thiers-Issard w/ Bocote wood scales and a Tony Miller Strop.