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    Doc Martens v Solovair

    I have only worn Doc Marten "brogues" for well over 25 years. The quality has slipped like every thing else in the past half dozen years. Obviously made off shore. To bad loved them but I no longer buy them, you can get just as nice shoes made in Canada/U.S.
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    Johnny Depp

    yes and no, if he is playing a part in a period movie, yes. as a uncempt fella with long hair, no.
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    "Trying To Be Charlie Sheen"

    Hello all, i've made a intro months ago when i joined your fasinating group. Unfortunately i don't/can't get on as much and become a regular. Any way hello again. Let me first say a bit about what i do. I love the 50's/60's leisure style. Think i picked it up from watching "From Here...
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    office sealed since the `30s

    In Cyprus, there are whole city blocks abandoned and untouched since the 1974 invasion (The Green Line). You do patrols threw it when on U.N. tours. Kind of erie to see food on plates and news papers left untouched for decades. One building, had brand new Mercedes and other top line cars just...
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    Who is today's Steve McQueen?

    "You drive just like Steve Mc queen" ... cool on screen and off. No actors or singers today compare to there counter parts of days gone by. There close but not as good as the original. Tom Hanks new Jimmy Stewart Mike buble/Harry Connick jr. new Sinatra/Martin Wayne Brady new Sammy Davis jr...
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    weight gain options, yes you read it right

    Drink a few Guinness a day.
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    Aftershave : That nostalgic true masculine smell!

    b o, and stale beer. just like a working teamster of the 30's - present. lol
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    magnoli clothiers

    good afternoon, by chance does anyone have any more little gems like magnoli clothiers? haven't purchased anything but amazed and am purchasing in the future. looking for anyone making 40's/50's style sport shirts (loop/open collar, square cut bottom). curvex style watches, pleated pants...
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    Color of Vintage Navy vs. Modern Navy?

    midnight blue is almost black, navy blue is dark blue.
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    The 1950s Suit

    from what i think i no, from the late 40's until around late 58. suits were baggy and opulent. big shoulder jackets, trousers got cuffs and pleats back. it apperently was a reflection of "hey we won the war and we are real tired of the war time restrictions". people were working ect...
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    thank you thats great. even better he belongs to the fedora lounge.
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    i've had a chance to explore the magnoli clothiers site. i could easily drop a grand buying from them. any one done business with the company? if so is the quality as good as it looks on the site? good customer relations? any pro's or con's? was a little concearned when i saw the prices...
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    thats it. great, thank you every one.
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    thats close to what i need. but a button front. like a jacket not a pullover.
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    Felt hats in summer..

    thats rich coming from alberta. lol i new about them, but with baseball being the national sport and florida being the pre season area. just assumed it would be like working in a beer factory. you can never get enough. lol you guys are great.