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    WTB Irvin in size 40/med. Nothing fancy

    Want an Irvin in size 40 or so. A solid Med. works too. To be worn when motorcycling. Nothing too fancy or nice. Will be going to 11233 in NYC. Plus for an Aviation LeatherCraft with the patch pockets...
  2. surthrival

    WTB Avirex B9 40" Sheepskin Jacket

    Bump for the coming winter
  3. surthrival

    Shearling/Sheepskin J. Peterman C-3 Vest

    Lovely J. Peterman version of the C-3 vest. In like-new condition, I've never worn it. Size medium. Super warm. Well made. Ships from Brooklyn, NY $125 plus $18.85 flat rate shipping within the lower 48 states of the US. Beyond that, contact me if desired and I'll dig up the postage. If buying...
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    WTB Avirex B9 40" Sheepskin Jacket

    Schott and Avirex/Cockpit makes them. The more worn and cheaper the better.
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    WWII US Military Clothing Letter Sizes?

    I have versed myself in Russian military clothing sizes as well as the British numeral sizing. But I can't dig up a chart that shows what the US military (during WW II) letter sizes mean in inches. For instance, on the B1 sheepskin ground crew pants, I see some that are A, B, C, etc... (As I...
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    Cut down N3-B

    I shall. Just curious if any fellow wingnut has done it before...
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    Cut down N3-B

    I have looked, but to no avail for a picture of a N3-B parka that has been waist-hemmed. I am not such a fan of the look, nor feel, of any flight jacket that has a waist band (I.E. any A-2, N2-B, G-1, etc...) and prefer the look and feel of the D-1,B-6, B-3, Irvin, or any 30's era open hemmed...
  8. surthrival

    WTB Avirex B9 40" Sheepskin Jacket

    Say what you will about this style of jacket... but recently I have developed a crush on it. Would like a size med/40". Nothing fancy. Located in brooklyn , NY
  9. surthrival

    Wanted:P Size 40 or Med. D-1 jacket

    Would like to buy a used D-1 jacket in size med. or 40" Reg. Prefer nothing too nice or fancy. Location: New York, U.S.