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    Anybody have experience with Y’2 leathers?

    I find Y'2 jackets to be very well made that fit my body type exceptionally well. One of the things I appreciate about them is their unique leather offerings ie. indigo, which no one else seems to do very well.
  2. sweetfights

    Field Leathers MC-MLC Jacket

    I missed this jacket review when you created it. Wow, great fit and impeccable workmanship.
  3. sweetfights

    FS: The Real McCoy's 30S SPORTS JACKET / COOPER Sz 44

    Gily is a good and trustworthy member. Deal with in full confidence.
  4. sweetfights

    Post Brexit import experiences

    Not the Mulholland.
  5. sweetfights

    Show us your Guns!

    How many yards out for those tight groups? Nice.
  6. sweetfights

    How to Imitate a Saddleback Leather bag...

    I own the front pocket briefcase and the deep pocket. Love them both. Love the look and sturdiness. Col Littleton also makes great products. I own their shave kit. Top shelf.
  7. sweetfights

    Taubers of California

    Gorgeous Trucker. Is this for sale?????? ;)
  8. sweetfights

    Aero Sheene made of unfinished horsehide

    I have this in the SB Vanishing point collaboration with S&S. My fav of all time!! The smell and the compliments keep coming.
  9. sweetfights

    Taubers of California

    Too small or big??
  10. sweetfights

    The Real McCoy’s / Joe McCoy Nelson 30’s Sport Jacket

    I second this request.
  11. sweetfights

    Aero wool and leather Halfbelt

    Looks good on you.
  12. sweetfights

    Schott x Browns Beach wool sports jacket

    Damn. I saw this ad early this morning and was going to take it and text as soon as I got home. You snooze, you lose! Congrats Carlos- a fine looking jacket and a great deal. No surprise, it’s from Ton! oh man. Love the color.
  13. sweetfights

    Bates style action back Vs. Aero style shoulder gussets

    Football underarms are a definite big win!!
  14. sweetfights

    Clinch Engineer Boot - Brown Overdye - CN-Wide - 10US / 11 Clinch

    Great fit on those Italian Wesco's? Let's see some photos when you can. I ordered the Wesco "Daybreaker's" in veg tan. Do not arrive until the Fall. You are collecting outstanding boots!
  15. sweetfights

    Clinch Engineer Boot - Brown Overdye - CN-Wide - 10US / 11 Clinch

    Let us know how they fit and look. I was very tempted by these gorgeous boots.

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