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  1. think_zot liked JMax's post in the thread FS: Schott 646 Hair-on Cow D-Pocket, 42 (fits 46).

    Schott 646 Hair in cowhide, D pocket, size 42 but fits like a 46. Schott sizing in all its glory. Too big for me, unless I layer with a...

    AD884021-7BCB-47B8-99A2-B074DAD785EE.jpeg 48F05B19-8EB3-46C0-97DE-8636748606A1.jpeg EFFEFBC3-6E51-4FD3-8D1D-50AFE952008D.jpeg 44EF53B5-AD0A-4E49-9861-39E5FE257025.jpeg CDE30C8B-E6F0-4E19-B3A1-21106D7AD319.jpeg A4D543EF-40EE-4C88-A09D-4EAB31DB9993.jpeg 32AF5731-7D69-44F8-A32C-65689AA213FB.jpeg 006989B8-6D4B-4230-AB73-ED492D12282C.jpeg C45EC977-D78B-4CA0-A094-E0B56D2926BB.jpeg 0AC5CFFA-B409-43F2-A510-98D707AC34BE.jpeg Jul 30, 2021 at 12:42 AM
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