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  1. anselmo1

    Eddie Bauer

    Unfortunately, the quality that once was put into the Eddie Bauer product is no more. 99% of their clothing line comes from China. The end result is this: http://seattle.bizjournals.com/seattle/stories/2009/06/15/daily36.html
  2. anselmo1

    Baracuta Jacket Made in England

    Baracuta Made in England edition I have been wearing Made in England Baracuta jackets since 1962 and their definitely is a difference in the quality of construction. In the 1980's Van Heusen started making 4 Chimes Baracuta jackets which you could purchase then for around $29.95. The jacket...
  3. anselmo1

    Show Us Your Purchases....GUYS !

    Vintage Nettleton Wing Tips Picked these up on eBay for a very modest price:
  4. anselmo1

    Baracuta Jacket Made in England

    The traditional Baracuta G9 I purchased is the Made in England edition with the tartan Fraser lining. You utilize your left hand in pulling the zipper up and down. The other Baracuta G9's which are not made in England and usually cost $50.00 to $75.00 less have the traditional zipper like all...
  5. anselmo1

    Baracuta Jacket Made in England

    Picked one of these up yesterday at O'Connell's in Buffalo, New York. Here is their link: http://shop.oconnellsclothing.com/ One of the last great traditional men's clothing stores in North America along with J Press , the Andover Shop and Cable Car Clothiers.
  6. anselmo1


    What they need to do in Detroit is level about 90% of the city and start fresh or turn it into one big prison.
  7. anselmo1

    WWII Marshals of the Soviet Union

    You should see how many medals he had on backside of his uniform.
  8. anselmo1

    Dr Martens

    I think any product that Dr Martens sells to the public is hideous. Of course, this is my opinion since I wear only Alden shoes exclusively.
  9. anselmo1

    Clark's Desert Boots with rabbit fur lining?

    Thank you for the reply. I was hoping I could still purchase them with the rabbit fur lining.
  10. anselmo1

    The Duke of Windsor 1894-1972

    Without a doubt, the Duke of Windsor was one of the best dressed gentlemen of the 20th Century. I was amazed at his wardrobe and the great taste the man had for fine clothing and shoes.
  11. anselmo1

    Clark's Desert Boots with rabbit fur lining?

    I am looking to purchase a pair of Clark's Desert Boots with the rabbit fur lining which were sold in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Does anyone know if they are still made with the rabbit fur lining?
  12. anselmo1

    Handsome Fellas!

    Now these I would classify gentlemen!
  13. anselmo1

    Do you wear your watch on your right wrist? If so, why?

    I wear my watch on my right wrist due to reconstruction surgery I had on my left wrist. It still hasn't healed to the point where I would wear it on my left wrist again. I am sort of getting use to wearing a watch now on my right wrist and sort of like it.
  14. anselmo1

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    The Count of Monte Cristo starring Robert Donat http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0025004/
  15. anselmo1

    English Walkers (Shoes)

    Not on eBay as of 7/7/08. I have been checking for over two years.
  16. anselmo1

    English Walkers (Shoes)

    Please explain what OFAS is?
  17. anselmo1

    English Walkers (Shoes)

    No, the English Walker shoes I am talking about are a mid high to the ankle loafer in brown without any tassels.
  18. anselmo1

    Last known WWI veteran honored for Memorial Day

    I wonder if he ever received the bonus the US government promised him after WWI? WWII veterans received the GI Bill immediately but the WWI veterans were hung out to dry. With this gentlemen be the last American WWI survivor, I believe the US government should pay him his bonus and back interest!
  19. anselmo1

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Lion in the Desert
  20. anselmo1

    The Spanish Civil War

    Stanley G. Payne. The Spanish Civil War, the Soviet Union, and Communism. New Haven: Yale University Press. 2004. Shortly after it broke out in July 1936, the Spanish Civil War developed into something more than just a domestic affair. The intervention of Italy, Portugal, Germany, and the...

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