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    The STETSON WAY, Advertising and ephemera of the Golden Era

    Wow. What a great collection. I don't think I've ever seen such a wide-ranging and chronological collection of hat ephemera. I have a coffee table book on Stetson and it doesn't have a fraction of the material you present here. It's interesting how the ads add context and have the ability to...
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    The Untouchables - Hats You Won't Part With

    I see you have William Boyd's hat, and will likely never part with it. Well, there goes one of my Holy Grails.
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    Edison Hats

    Picked this one up recently. It has character and that lived-in look. I found one old 1920s ad for the retail outlet "Edison Hats" at 309 State Street, Schenectady NY. Apparently at one time they had outlets in both Albany and Schenectady. Added pic of State Street circa 1930s. Has anybody got...
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    Indy hat post em up

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    Double-brim adventure hats

    Just stumbled on this thread. I recently posted pics of a Battersby double-brimmed hat, I'm guessing of pre-WW2 vintage. Find it here: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/the-great-british-hat-makers.66592/page-15#post-2468614
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    What Hat Are You Wearing Today ?

    At the risk of offending some fellow F.L. members...
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    " The Great British Hat Makers "

    My first post on this forum! Hat pictured is a Battersby I'm guessing of pre-WW2 vintage. The cool thing is the DOUBLE BRIM. It's actually TWO hats with one nested inside the other. Liner shows faded Battersby logo. Brim is 3 3/4". Battersby sold hats to South Africa starting around the...

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