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    Lawrence & Foster cap sizing

    I picked my LF cap in England. I'm not sure if they make any caps to order, but mine wasn't. The one I have was fairly inexpensive and understated, but well made. I've worn it it quite a bit over the course of 5 years and it's held up well.
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    Lawrence & Foster cap sizing

    I'm 23.0 in., So just a shade under 59 cm. The seams in back will stick up like that when the cap isn't being worn because of the drape of the cloth. It isn't as pronounced when it's on the head, although it's still there. I have a lot of ivy caps, and most of them are like that.
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    Lawrence & Foster cap sizing

    I am a size 59, but my Lawrence & Foster Garforth size 60 fits perfectly. It's a sample size of only 1, but in that case the cap ran a little small. I'm not sure if that's a brand tendency or not.
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    What Cap Are You Wearing Today?

    Keeping the snow off my head with a Stetson Harris tweed ivy. This is my go-to headwear choice most winter days...until things get to the point where I have to break out the ushanka.
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    Show us your SHOES !!!

    Hello all. I'm pretty new to FL, and up to now have only posted in the Hats forum. I picked up a pair of Dexter derby shoes at the Salvation Army store today. I was wondering if anybody had any idea about how old they might be or maybe a model name. The were made in U.S.A., and a Google search...
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    What Cap Are You Wearing Today?

    It's a sunny, if not especially warm, day here, so I broke out my Alfonso D'Este linen newsboy. I just got this about a month ago, so I'm looking forward to wearing this light, breathable cap during the hot days this summer.
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    Donegal Robbie Hat

    Not sure what it's called, but my father wore that style all through the 1970s. I'd pick one up if I had the chance, just for the nostalgia factor.
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    What Cap Are You Wearing Today?

    Hi all. This is my first time posting images, so I hope I'm doing it right. Today's cap is a Lawrence & Foster Ivy I picked up on vacation in the UK a few years ago. I believe they call this model the "Garforth." It's a nice, versatile workhorse cap. 
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    New Member to the Hat Forum

    Hello all! I just discovered this site and it seemed like a perfect place to enable my small but growing cap collection and to learn more about hats in general. I've seen some great info from a lot of knowledgeable folks so far. What a terrific resource.

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