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  1. scotrace

    A Series; All Creatures Great and Small

    I have a couple of Ralph Lauren Fair Isle sweater vests which I put together with corduroy trou from Orvis. All of it sourced on the cheap. Put together with a tweed jacket, it works, but it has been a too warm winter here to wear it much.
  2. scotrace

    A Series; All Creatures Great and Small

    I very nearly jumped out of my seat at this sweater!
  3. scotrace

    Shearling Bombers demand about to sky rocket! Masters of the Air show coming Jan.

    I'm enjoying the show but having a little trouble following the story. Visually amazing, as expected.
  4. scotrace

    What is going on with this site???

    "Hiccups." What are you experiencing (currently)? I personally have seen an uptick in speed and results in the past weeks.
  5. scotrace

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Saltburn. Loved it.
  6. scotrace

    The Shaving Soap Controversy

    I got a tub of Cella in the fall and am liking it a lot. Great lather and scent, lasts a long time.
  7. scotrace

    Clean Jokes

    This thread is taking a lot of moderator attention to keep it as the title suggests. We'll close it for now.
  8. scotrace

    112 Page Hat Life Manual of Hat Selling 1946

    A manual for the industry just after the war. Lots of great illustrations and advice, plus pletny of ads from hat makers. Here's a little sample.
  9. scotrace

    Did men in the Golden Era wear black watch straps with black dress shoes?

    I would think that married men wouldn't get out of the house with mismatched leathers--shoes, belt, watch strap. Otherwise, then, as now, men who knew better probably made sure they were not in brown shoes/black watch band/vice-versa.
  10. scotrace

    The "All Creatures Great and Small" Look

    the new series is extraordinary.
  11. scotrace

    A Series; All Creatures Great and Small

    I also read all the books and enjoyed the original serial adaptation. This one has me completely hooked. I watch all three seasons and start over. I’ve decided this is where I want to live, as it’s perfect for me: Skeldale House is just perfect. It has actually revived my waning interest in...
  12. scotrace

    What is going on with this site???

    We’ve been careful to stay current. It seems like we’re constantly spending money for upgrades. . Nathan Flowers is checking into it.
  13. scotrace

    Haversack seal leather (yes!) jacket, unique piece made in Japan. Size M

    With some questions legitimately raised regarding the international legality of selling a garment which appears to be made from the protected hide of sea lion, this is locked. Do not relist.
  14. scotrace

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Ma Rainey's Black Bottom is back on Netflix, so I watched it again yesterday. Viola Davis is just incredible, of course, and it's probably the only chance we'll have to see an electrical "studio" recording being created in the 1920s. Also pretty sobering to realize this was Chadwick Boseman's...
  15. scotrace

    How to address head shape?

    Speaking as likely the longest long oval head of all 50,000 people here, I've found that two types of hats fir me: stiffish felts with a brim that won't distort in a slightly too big size, or vintage hats marked XX Long Oval.
  16. scotrace

    What do you use to shave?

    I used to use Williams pucks also. I'm working my way through two very reasonably priced soaps from Classic Shaving. Bay Rum and Coconut Lime. The scents are quite light and vanish pretty quickly. Lots of great lather.
  17. scotrace

    What do you use to shave?

    Im seeing several "influencers" breathlessly describing this all new way to shave, and they're hawking one of the new (but ordinary) double edged safety razors. Also, if you haven't followed the Instagram account maulludaniele, it's oddly fun to watch a pro carrying off perfect straight razor...
  18. scotrace

    Suspicious members Cttullamore and robbenfred50

    Thank you for the heads up. Both members have been given a refund of dues and shown the door.
  19. scotrace

    Read this before posting here!

    New members: Please take the time to learn, comment and participate in the open forums before offering things for sale. We are far more than just a classified sale site and you will become a better seller with what you might learn from fellow members. Taking the time to get to know other...
  20. scotrace

    We prefer that new members contribute to the forum in some way and not just use the board for...

    We prefer that new members contribute to the forum in some way and not just use the board for selling things. Please don;t usr the "report" function to tell us something is sold.

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