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  1. Jesse John

    The Stetson One-Hundred "100"

    This beaut couldnt continue its existence without proper housing. Congrats man. Happy to help!
  2. Jesse John

    Pre- 1940s Stetson dress hats.

    Thank you Joe!
  3. Jesse John

    Pre- 1940s Stetson dress hats.

    Here is a Stetson Excellent quality I brought back to life a month or so ago. It was in really bad shape. The photos speak for itself. I took the hat apart and gave it a good cleaning. Blocked it up from a 6 7/8 or 7 to a 7 1/4. New sweatband and new trim. I still have the liner and sweatband...
  4. Jesse John

    Western, anyone?

    If that's not one of the most beautiful velour hats on the lounge.. wow! and its from Tucson. A double score! Really nice Alan. Good to see you on here
  5. Jesse John

    Pre 1940s (non-Stetson) Westerns

    Thank you kind sir! Im happy to have come across it & thats exciting stuff! Its a super unique find. Hoping I can find it in a dry goods catalog one day. Happy to bump the thread but boyy did you show me up with those Marathon posts. Holy Cow! Amazing. Hey thank you my friend! I must agree-...
  6. Jesse John

    Pre 1940s (non-Stetson) Westerns

    Anybody know much about old Thoroughbred Hats? This is an old velour one I got this past week. When it arrived, it was badly crushed and the oval was a bit wonky because of that. I felt it was best to reblock it the best I could with the blocks I had available without changing the character of...
  7. Jesse John

    Boss of the Plains?

    I appreciate everyone’s input and info regarding my hat & any other for that matter! I’m really excited about it and I value your contributions. If anyone would like to help me date it that would be helpful.
  8. Jesse John

    Boss of the Plains?

    Forgot to add the measurements, my mistake. It appears that this hat matches the dimensions of the "Round up" @ 4 3/8 x 3 3/4
  9. Jesse John

    Boss of the Plains?

    Just received this beautiful, what I believe to be a Boss of The Plains, in the mail. The hat came with a purple fabric wrapped around it and stampede straps basically stapled into the hat. I was hoping that there was a chance that the original ribbon would be hidden underneath the purple...
  10. Jesse John

    FS: Stetson 7X Clear Beaver Quality. Tagged 7, fits 1/8.

    Last call before it goes on the bay. I’ll accept 250 plus shipping. Thanks y’all!
  11. Jesse John

    Ebay Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    I did reach out asking where the identification of the quality is stemming from, to no reply. It’s really a shame to see a sleazy salesmen approach get in this type of market. Resale is fine but dishonesty is a real bummer. Karma is a thing though!
  12. Jesse John

    FS: Stetson 7X Clear Beaver Quality. Tagged 7, fits 1/8.

    Recently reblocked. 5 3/4" crown, 2 3/4" brim Inside dimensions are 7.75 x 6.5" Really great felt quality here. No issues with it at all. Clean! $300 + shipping Thank you!
  13. Jesse John

    FS: 1/4 Stetson Imperial Suede finish, Green 40s/50s

    Bump. Will accept $200 + flat rate shipping.
  14. Jesse John

    FS: Stetson Shore Club 1/8 LO Green

    Bump. Will let this one go for $150 plus flat rate shipping. Let me know!
  15. Jesse John

    Stetson No. 1 Quality

    Here’s a new/old one. Really great condition 6” crown 3.5” brim. Worked with some old crease lines for this puncher shape. LOT7775
  16. Jesse John

    Stetson 5X Clear Beaver, 1942

    Appreciate the challenge and the opportunity to work on such a rarity. Glad it meets your expectations my friend!
  17. Jesse John

    Pre 1940s Stetson Westerns

    Here's a "Real Nutria Fur" I've been wearing on occasion. Originally sold here in Arizona. Definitely pre 40's just not exactly sure when it was made. I find the sweatband to be very interesting as it appears that the leather is almost "rolled" over the reed. I cant say I've seen this before...
  18. Jesse John

    Western, anyone?

    Took my clear nutria out for some sun today. Provided lots of shade here in Tucson!
  19. Jesse John

    Western, anyone?

    Thanks guys, it’s good to be back!

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