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    ISO - IHSH-127

    Looking for a grey/black IHSH-127 in either Small or Medium.
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    Vintage Suit Brands

    Could we put together a list of suit brands that were known for their quality around 1880s-1940s? Thanks!
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    Ladies Wool Peacoats

    I want to be respectful to the women's forums and not post there, as I am a male, but I would like any insight on women's wool peacoat brands that are synchronous with high quality. Thanks for the input!
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    Tuxedo Quality

    I'm not very knowledgeable on tuxedos (new or old) but need to start looking to buy one within the next few months. I have a great tailor here in town, and want to buy something that exudes quality. If you have any insight into names I should be looking into for a quality tux, please share your...
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    B-3 Jacket

    I don't see any markings on this jacket and am wondering if anyone more knowledgable could take a look and give me some info. Thanks:
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    B-3 Jackets

    I really would like a B-3 type bomber jacket but have a few apprehensions with purchasing. My main concern is the quality of hide and construction, not necessarily historical accuracy. I know companies like Eastman and R.M.N.Z. top the list when it comes to historically accurate pieces, but I...
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    WTB Cirrus B-3/B-6/Irvin

    If anyone has a small (38) Cirrus B-3/B-6/Irvin style flight jacket they would like to sell, please let me know! Thanks!
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    Peregrine Harris Tweed Bomber

    I'm looking for a Peregrine Harris Tweed Charcoal Bomber size small like this one:
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    Filson Ballard Bomber

    Or a Greenwood, Seattle fit in XS. Thanks!
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    Filson Ballard Bomber

    I had no idea there was a Classified Section. Thank you Fanch!
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    Filson Ballard Bomber

    I'm looking for a Filson Wool Ballard Bomber in charcoal size small or X-Small. Any leads, please let me know!
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    Filson Ballard Bomber

    I'm looking for a Filson Wool Ballard Bomber in charcoal size small or X-Small. Any leads, please let me know!
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    ISO Filson Greenwood

    Thanks fancy, but I'm looking for the charcoal, that one is black.
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    ISO Filson Greenwood

    I'm looking for an XS Filson Greenwood in Charcoal, Seattle fit model #10407. Any leads would be appreciated!
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    Green Pants

    Are forest green pants for men just a passing fad and what color shirts would you wear with a pair of forest green pants?
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    Langlitz Cascade Black Cowhide

    That jacket is perfection! Did you go by the sizing guide and if so did you get it shorter than that suggests? I know the guide instructs to measure 1" below the bottom of the belt line but that jacket looks like it hits exactly at the belt line....and looks immaculate.
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    Filson Mackinaw vs Greenwood

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a quality wool coat and am stuck between the Filson Mackinaw Cruiser and Greenwood jacket. If you have any experience with either of these two would you discuss their merits, or compare the two? Thanks!
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    Wool Jacket

    I'm looking for a wool jacket similar to a Filson Mackinaw Cruiser, but want the same attention to quality, craftsmanship, and American-oriented methods that one would find in say Norman Porter Jeans for example. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Schott 641HH

    I mistyped and meant to write I'm going with the cascade, not the crescent. But when I contacted the company, the customer service alone sold me. The more I look into them, the better I feel about buying from them and knowing I'm supporting a small, American company. Furthermore, all of their...
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    Schott 641HH

    I checked them out and although they are a bit pricier than Schott, I am very happy to say I'm going with a Langlitz Crescent. Thank you so much for the suggestion!

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