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  1. waingirl

    Show us what you've made!

    Just recently for my husband's Christmas party I made myself a party dress. I had 11 days to work on it and finished it in 9. Lol. It's from a 1962 dress pattern from Simplicity #4360. Fabric is a flocked taffeta in colbalt blue.
  2. waingirl

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    Liz, I love your finds! I went to the flea market this morning in Syracuse, NY and came home with nothing! :( They were just selling junk.
  3. waingirl

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    wow Lyburnum, those gloves are gorgeous! Great finds all around!:eusa_clap
  4. waingirl

    Thinking about a tattoo, but is it what good girls did in the 1940's?

    I have 8 tattoo's so far. My hope and plan, when I have enough money is to have a whole sleeve or half sleeve of tattoo's on my arm. I am not into rockabilly music or anything like that, just like the look is all. I am self employed in a beauty salon, so it doesn't interfere with my job. My...
  5. waingirl

    2008 Vanity Fair "Hollywood" Issue.

    ooooo I have never purchased this magazine before, but I will for this one. I love, love, love the hair!!!
  6. waingirl

    Show us your hair do's....

    :) Thank you Imoldfashioned and Sunny. I think I might wear it pinned back like that at work, but I might get a little razzing from the girls there.
  7. waingirl

    Show us your hair do's....

    Everyone's hair looks just lovely! Here's my attempt yesterday with twisting my hair and pinning it back. Awful cell phone pic. My wedding hair- My normal hair- Last night I tried a wet set with pin curls, it came out WAY too FLUFFY!! And I mean FLUFFY!! :eek: I will...
  8. waingirl

    Show us what you've made!

    Talented!! Trickeraton, you daughter is just beautiful! and talented! I wish I had looked like that at 16. She looks like she will grow up to be a fine lady. :)
  9. waingirl

    show us your lippy

    Hi ladies, question- will the woman at the MAC counter help you with a red color that is best for you, or just sell you whatever?? I'm terrible with finding the right color, so I just don't wear it, and I feel like I'm missing out.:(
  10. waingirl

    Who can't wear lipstick?

    For some reason I think lipstick looks terrible on me, so I never wear it. It doesn't matter what color it is. I am so envious of the ladies that just seem to find the best color for them.:p
  11. waingirl

    Walking Into The Past...

    Last spring my husband's family put his grandmother (my mother in law's mother) into a nursing home. She was living in one of her 2 daughters houses, and hadn't stayed in her own home in a few years. She fell on a few occasions, and that was the last straw to the girls. She is 82 and of sound...
  12. waingirl

    Appropriate Dress to Wear As Wedding Guest. Black? Red?

    It's by the designer Maggie Sottero. All her dresses have girls names, mine is Madalyn. Thank you ladies!! :)
  13. waingirl

    Appropriate Dress to Wear As Wedding Guest. Black? Red?

    My husband and I just got married on Sept. 8th. We had a "Casablanca" themed wedding. Here's some pics. This is my attempt at Veronica Lake hair. It was very humid that day, I am surprised it stayed in place! I beaded about 30 lampshades to look like the lamps in Rick's Cafe. Our wedding...
  14. waingirl

    Anyone here a major Marilyn Monroe expert?

    I believe she was a size 14 or 16 in vintage wear, which in todays standards put's her around a size 8 or 10. I am normaly a size 5 but in vintage I wear a size 12.
  15. waingirl

    Classic Style Issue #2, I Got Mine! Did you get yours yet?

    Got mine the other day. Love the bit about suit armholes. My fiance is looking for a new suit and I will just have to tag along and make him lift his arm with every suit. lol. I was thinking about leaving out my Classic Style magazines at our vintage inspired (lounge/bar) wedding, but I don't...
  16. waingirl

    Sewing Lessons & FAQ

    Shantung and Dupioni Hi ladies, I was tinkering with the idea of making a dress for the dancing fun part of my wedding reception (can't kick up my heels in my wedding dress). My question is with shantung and dupioni fabrics, which way looks best when it comes to the "slubs" in the fabric...
  17. waingirl

    Comments You Get When You Dress Vintage

    That is so funny!! Good for you Elaina!!!:eusa_clap
  18. waingirl

    Comments You Get When You Dress Vintage

    I think about that all the time! Let's buy up some land and make our own "golden era" housing development. Forget the cookie cutter homes of today, we'll have wonderful nostalgic homes and cars on our streets. Some developments have strict rules, we'll have them too, everything in your yard...
  19. waingirl

    Christina Aguilera's video to Candyman! Wow.

    WOW I have always liked Christina, but I love this look the best. She is very talented, has a real voice. Love the video, love her style, it's edgy vintage/retro. Love it!!!
  20. waingirl

    Loungers' Pets

    Love the kitty's!! Mina was beautiful too. I wish I could have cats but my fiance is terribly allergic!! He is allergic to dogs also, but not as much, he loves Shakespeare too much to care.

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