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  1. rlk

    The School of Hard Knox

    30's Knox Twenty [7E800318IMG]http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160122/5e3329b98b87a3c464c8452111ee1077.jpg[/IMG]
  2. rlk

    My Blue Heaven

    Very nice, Marine Band too.
  3. rlk

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    Stetson 1915 Exposition Medal Excellent Quality Extra Light Weight GREEN THIN RIBBON
  4. rlk

    The Dobbs Diner...

    Seems typical lightweight felt like a Cross Country.
  5. rlk


    I see ads from 1944-1955 This hat has the 1917 logo and paper tag so its not earlier that 1947, but there are plenty of 1950's hats without plastic protectors--not a useful dating device beyond very limited specific hats so no way to distinguish it from examples up to 1953 or so and then only...
  6. rlk

    The Dobbs Diner...

    Dobbs Sew and Sew Newspaper ads '36-'38
  7. rlk

    German & Austrian Hutmachers

    No Seal Velour present.
  8. rlk

    German & Austrian Hutmachers

    The Tonak came from Finland.
  9. rlk

    German & Austrian Hutmachers

  10. rlk

    German & Austrian Hutmachers

    Early Tonak Hückel Alpha
  11. rlk

    The Non Shorpy Web All Stars.

    Rhubarb 1951 Baseball/cat Movie Image from http://i.ytimg.com/vi/UJVbeMdYI6I/maxresdefault.jpg. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. rlk

    What is the specific brand and model hat worn by James Stewart?

    check with the museum, but likely nothing beyond Stetson . http://jimmy.org
  13. rlk

    The Cap Faction

    Mossant 4-Panel http://campl.us/eXP2bGadGDs
  14. rlk

    What the Heck is with this 2-tone Stetson Royal DeLuxe??

    Nice to see the Portis again Che! It did have a wind trolley originally but it didn't survive a cleaning. The Portis and Royal DeLuxe pre date that patent but likely a similar process--check out some of the supporting prior patents for the above
  15. rlk

    No Name Hat Manufacturing Co.

    Vanity proof Poster
  16. rlk

    Post New Hats Here!

    Barbisio "Tofane" Charcoal Heather sold in Wisconsin http://campl.us/hZLxedQ4YYC
  17. rlk

    Post New Hats Here!

    Early Velour sold by A.Alexander of Brooklyn Regrettably no body labels at all. Wide sweatband and elaborate gold logo with fully encircling lacing suggests first 1/3 of 20th Century and possible Austrian origin. Address is now the Sunset Park Learning Center. No luck on searches.
  18. rlk


    Handsome Borsalino Steve. So far later Echter Borsalinos have run some what larger generally than US and Italian market hats==maybe the choice of sweatband by the importers shrinking less over time.
  19. rlk


    '77 Satin Stitched Borsalino
  20. rlk

    NEW STETSON 2015 Dress catalog

    Selection seems large in style names. Only the Trademark is 150 years old--the hat manufacturer and original ownership ended at 105. They are only a Corporate licensing entity that has various Stetson branded products marketed by the chosen manufacture licensee of the moment in various...

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