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  1. daizawaguy

    M.C. Gannon Hat Company

    Superb interior! The topper idea is also great - how would you attach it? I remember when i ordered my second Gannon I asked whether the ribbed interior decoration could be made, and I remember Michael mentioning he had the machine but not the suitable tape, but encouraged him to try it out on...
  2. daizawaguy

    Show us your SHOES !!!

    A four year wait for my Main D’Ors
  3. daizawaguy

    Brent Black's Panamas / Panama Hats Direct's Panamas

    My search for a Panama has been a long and frustrating journey. Back in the old days of 2005-2010 if I recall, PanamaBob used to provide value for money, until the wait time got too long and I think he experienced issues (documented on this Lounge elsewhere). I was lucky enough to get a few of...
  4. daizawaguy

    Show us your SHOES !!!

  5. daizawaguy

    Show us your SHOES !!!

    Elbow grease!
  6. daizawaguy

    Hats and hair color

    I don't think it has to do with a match to hair, but a match to the clothing you wear, but here again there are no clear rules - just some common sense that displays your own style. Historically, a blue/black/grey hat would be worn with a blue/grey suit (black in a suit left out deliberately...
  7. daizawaguy

    Any modern hat makers who make real Milan and/or Boater hats?

    Optimo and Wellerma are the two best Milan makers, and best buy early, as these hats are bound to rise in value IMHO, especially being made by these two names
  8. daizawaguy

    Hat price perception in an inflationary environment

    I read just recently about a Swedish hatter that was defending his price increase (or perhaps perception of price increase), where he argued that he was providing a $1000 hat value for half that price. It made me think this would be an interesting topic for discussion. I have bought custom hats...
  9. daizawaguy

    Hello! Thank you. I am well thanks, and I hope all is good with you too, Best

    Hello! Thank you. I am well thanks, and I hope all is good with you too, Best
  10. daizawaguy

    Hornskov Hats - custom Danish hatter

    A little flower for Valentines!
  11. daizawaguy

    M.C. Gannon Hat Company

    Superb hats recently! Here’s mine with a silver feather!
  12. daizawaguy

    Wellema Hat Co

    I was searching the threads and came up with the observation that Wellema was unrepresented here, given that it is a brick and mortar custom shop - would seem to fit right into the followers here, but only one mention (well, the search brings up a few more, but you know what I mean) in the past...
  13. daizawaguy

    M.C. Gannon Hat Company

    Talking about the inside of the hat, no one ever copied my original request!?
  14. daizawaguy

    M.C. Gannon Hat Company

    Those Nutria felts have me thinking again… This was my last order with the Fepsa beaver…(on the left)
  15. daizawaguy

    Show us your SHOES !!!

    A few from Japan
  16. daizawaguy

    How many hats does one man need?

    How about the same number as your Jackets or shoes? Why do I say this? Well, with Jackets or shoes, there are colors, occasions, styles and function - same in hats. The number of hats would be proportional to your wardrobe in Jackets or shoes surely? It would be no use to have 20 shoes, but 3...
  17. daizawaguy

    What is your favorite Scotch Whisky?

    I am a Glencadam, Glendronach and Glengoyne fan (as well as a Hibiki lover, though not a Scotch!). Other favorites are Dewars Signature and 25 years and Chivas 25 in the blended world...
  18. daizawaguy

    Hornskov Hats - custom Danish hatter

    The Indiana Jones!?
  19. daizawaguy

    Hornskov Hats - custom Danish hatter

    I imagine that applies to the full order - two for you - the Editor and Mogul, and one for the Missus (an Alberti, that you can use too!...er, assuming you are the same size! -) )
  20. daizawaguy

    Hornskov Hats - custom Danish hatter

    I'm guessing he meant to decide the specs of the Editor in the Custom fields - but what I'd do is just order an Editor in the notes, or with your specific specs - Hornskov are very flexible in their modifications. For me the Editor is their finest, and no doubt will resurface, though think it is...

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