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    Sourcing Hat Bodies Wool, Straw, Blends?

    I just received a western weight melusine samples from Millinery Warehouse. The brim felt is very thick but feel is comparable to vintage grizzly hats! I'm hoping they will continue improving this product and offer it regularly. Blocked to size 7, produced 5 inch brim!
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    What Hat Are You Working On Today?

    Funny enough I enjoy stitching the sweatbands more than binding - but certainly that could help move things along too! All very expensive equipment.. Brim presses interest me - particularly sandbaggers (?) I have imagined with some restorations of stiff felt that such a thing could save some grief!
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    What Hat Are You Working On Today?

    The way you've outlined has served me very well but I have been made jealous by a video of a hatmaker using a binding attachment and doing it within a matter of a few minutes! It was a generic machine not intended for hatmaking. I am sure over time I will get faster but I am left wondering...
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    What Hat Are You Working On Today?

    I've been working on a custom order - Sunrise Nutria in the colour Moss.. I'm really amazed by this felt. Some of their colours have a rougher finish but this is plush, velvety, suede like. And vintage stiffness.. some of their other colours are more stiff. Odd. I was wondering if anyone has...
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    Sunrise Hat Company felt (nutria) and hatters’ tools

    I know it's late but here's Espresso made into a hat!
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    Ask a question, get an answer

    Hi folks... Curious if it's possible to tell what kind of fur felt this is based on the visible hair! Looks like a guard hair almost?? Hat is pre-1934
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    Western, anyone?

    I made this Nutria western for myself and wanted to share it! Two different coloured ribbons. One is actually stitched petersham. It's hard to find woven edge but I thought it was an interesting combination!
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    Help with {date or identify} a hat please.....!

    Hi folks! My friend found this hat but I'm wondering what era it may be from. Sweatband looks reeded.. any pointers? Cheers!
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    Keith Brothers Hats & Caps

    Thanks! I looked under the feather band - no original ribbon, it mostly had a uniform darker colour probably from being covered so long. I was thinking of replacing it with a more modest / period correct grosgrain ribbon!
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    Keith Brothers Hats & Caps

    Came across this hat recently! Grizzly finish. I wonder what it's made out of!

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