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  1. panamag8or

    Retro Lounge Radio Show

  2. panamag8or

    Lucy and Desi's Mid Century mansion in Palm Springs

    Welp, gotta go change my shirt... this one's got drool all over it. Wish there were more kitchen pics, with those awesome Youngstown cabinets.
  3. panamag8or

    What time period would you live in, and where, if you had to for one year?

    I'd like to spend the year 1957 in my hometown of Gainesville, FL. Great music, great cars, drive-ins and Gville hadn't grown too big. I'd just have to avoid a "Back to the Future" moment, and not run into my Mom, lol.
  4. panamag8or

    Retro Lounge Radio Show

    Hey guys, just wanted to put out a link to a show that airs on my old college station, WKGC, in Panama City, FL. They play a lot of really cool music, from the 30's through today, but it's all swing, alternative swing, and other cool things, plus we have a lot of fun on facebook during the show...
  5. panamag8or

    A Cocktail that has really grown on me: The Bloody Mary

    A friend of mine has recently started marketing a homemade bloody mary mix called "voodoo juice". It's a little heavy on the worcestershire, but it does the trick.
  6. panamag8or

    If you had a chance to travel through a TIME MACHINE for a WEEK? where would you go?

    All you guys wanting to take gold back in time aren't thinking straight. Buy some period currency off the bay, and buy the gold when you get wherever you're going. Then when you get back to the present, cash in. But, back on topic, I'd visit my hometown in the late 50's or 1960, making sure I...
  7. panamag8or

    Shave of the Day

    So, it's been almost three years since I posted in this thread. Here's today's setup: Merkur Slant with Astra Platinum (my new favorite blade) Parker rosewood badger brush Tabac cream Thayer's rose GT Coral Skin Food ( I swear by this stuff) My "battle station" I apologize for the...
  8. panamag8or

    Any License Plate Colletors Out There?

    I've got a bunch of 30's-40's North Carolina plates and some older Florida plates. At one time, I was the owner of the first '87 Florida Challenger plate, # AAA 001 (never mounted). I sold that one for a pretty penny. I still have 003, but it is pretty torn up from being used on a work truck.
  9. panamag8or

    Humour about tragedy.

    This happens a lot in our newsroom. Same goes for law enforcement and medical professionals. Groups that tend to see a lot of sadness and death end up making light of the situation to keep from being overwhelmed by it all.
  10. panamag8or

    What pens are we carrying today?

    Well, today is Saturday, so I'm not carrying anything, but yesterday, I used my '60's era Sheaffer Lifetime FP/pencil set. Its very "Mad Men" looking, and the pen is so smooth, it feels like it is just floating across the paper. I guess it was a promo set given to my Grandfather, because it has...
  11. panamag8or

    Harbingers of Spring

    The azaleas have already come and gone in my yard. Next up... gardenias.
  12. panamag8or

    Vintage Telephone Ringtones

    Here is a site where you can generate a morse code ringtone based on whatever text you enter: http://www.planetofnoise.com/midi/morse2mid.php
  13. panamag8or

    Opie/Cowboys and Indians

    Last I saw, about a year ago, WMBB-TV in Panama City opened their ten o'clock news with that line every night.
  14. panamag8or

    What Happens to Old Towns?

    FooFoo, Check out Eufaula, Alabama. They have a section of antebellum homes that is amazing.
  15. panamag8or

    Outgoing Message for Voice Mail

    My Dad has had the same message for 30 years, where he tells people the call is being answered by an automatic phone answering machine, and explains how to wait for the tone to leave a message. lol
  16. panamag8or

    How about the WORST ads?

    You do know who that is, right?
  17. panamag8or

    Fabulous Fountain Pens - Golden Era classics you can use today!

    If you still haven't bought a pen by now, I reccommend the Sorrento by Aldo Domani. I picked one up (along with the ballpoint, in a set) for my wife at Office Depot for $19. It writes great so far, and it is a short pen... perfect for a feminine hand. As for me, I'm still plugging away with...
  18. panamag8or

    Telephone Number Cards

    My home phone still uses the original FRanklin (37) exchange. My cell phone starts with 87, and I haven't decided wich exchange name to adopt for it, or whether I'll just make one up. I made a FRanklin number card last year for my old 302.
  19. panamag8or

    1930's Miami pics or info? Anyone?

    Here is a site run by the State Archives of Florida. Just type "Miami" in the search box, and you will get over ten thousand photos, most arranged by date. I get lost in this site for hours at a time.:o http://www.floridamemory.com/PhotographicCollection/
  20. panamag8or

    What Songs Have Your Name in Them?

    Newport and I also "dropped off the key" as one of Paul Simon's 50 ways.

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