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  1. J

    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    Forgot about the campfire lable...which I think compliments the leather and lining really well.
  2. J

    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    The only nitpick is the main zipper...a #10 zipper would be perfect
  3. J

    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    Aero Russet badalassi slim J-106 made by Julie. Beautiful shade of mid brown and exactly what I wanted. Squeaking is tamed a bit after applying bick4 at seams. Love the the wild card lining they picked too. (Specified dark green, no red)
  4. J

    Johnson Leather Jacket

    Thanks! After multiple failures in used market, finally took the custom route to specify exactly what I want.. skived cxl in burgundy is just gorgeous.. much more wearable compared to Aero fqhh, but still have that structure rather than sheepskin like soft leather. (More rigid than the Horween...
  5. J

    Johnson Leather Jacket

    JL burgundy steer cxl - CR with dress collar
  6. J

    New Aero Website looks Great!!!

    For those who made changes to instruction (via followup email exchanges) after placing the order. Was your final production notes updated to the website order records? Mine is still showing the notes I put when ordering. Though it did reference the confirmed production sheet number.
  7. J

    Uneven grain

    Is that with Shinki horsehide?
  8. J

    Aero Badalassi Offering

    What’s the russet badalassi shade in real life? Thurston Bro’s pictures are very orangey. But the one @AerGuitar posted seems to be closer to some of the tobacco badalassi under sunshine pics… Is the real shade closer to thurs bro or AerGuitar’s
  9. J

    Help checking an Aero J-106 build

    So Ridley = slim MC, with Body length similar to j106, longer than MC Body cut slimmest out of the three: slim mc / Ridley, j106 and mc Is this right?
  10. J

    Help checking an Aero J-106 build

    Just to clarify I don’t ride or care too much about period accuracy… But I do want to have a “balanced” look of whatever customization I do, so hopefully can leverage forum members’ experience:) @Pandemic I don’t see a slim MC in the MTO selections, just a MC option which is short in body and...
  11. J

    Help checking an Aero J-106 build

    Long time lurker and multiple fails in used jacket market....just placed an order with Aero taking advantage of the GBP dip and 10% off. Here's what I have in mind - willing to hear some feedback Slim fit Russet Badalassi leather Tartan linings Internal pocket left side open Antique Brass Ball...
  12. J

    WTB Brown/Natural Aero Highwayman or Sheene 40-42. PTP 22-23". Newer the better.

  13. J

    Scam alert!!!! Beware of Walker Pinkman

    I usually request a hand written note with user name and time stamp even for regular sale post.
  14. J

    Thedi shawl collar Cuoio buffalo sz M $850

    Is thedi buffalo heavyweight? How does it compare to cxl fqhh?
  15. J

    Aero STF Bootlegger 38 in cordovan FQHH CXL

    Sunday afternoon bump
  16. J

    Aero STF Bootlegger 38 in cordovan FQHH CXL

    To the top. Feel free to ask questions or make offer.

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