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  1. redlinerobert

    Giant Pith Helmet Thread of Doom

    Agreed, would like your feedback on quality!
  2. redlinerobert

    Engineer Boots, Harness Boots...

    Lofgren just goes above and beyond. I dig all of my boots from him.
  3. redlinerobert

    Buzz Cuts ?

    No buzz for me. Just can't do it. Going to let my hair grow until this covid is over. I am however trimming the beard every few weeks. I'm probably a few weeks away from a pony tail.
  4. redlinerobert

    Adventure! Fedora Lounge Folks in Action!

    I've been into fishing most of my life, have owned 3 Ranger Bass boats in the last 20 years. I've not fished much this last year but hopefully that changes during the latter part of this year with striper season in the fall, which is my favorite.
  5. redlinerobert

    Adventure! Fedora Lounge Folks in Action!

    That's great! Before we met my wife had never fished a day in her life. Now she loves it!
  6. redlinerobert

    Lunch, Anybody?

    triple decker cheeseburger with home made bun. Tomato tartare. Home made apple pie.
  7. redlinerobert

    S.T. Dupont Gatsby Lighter

    Wow that is nice!
  8. redlinerobert

    Western, anyone?

    Agreed. That's a good looking hat!
  9. redlinerobert

    Show us your SHOES !!!

    Wow. Now those are shoes!
  10. redlinerobert

    Indiana Jones V

    West Side Dig?
  11. redlinerobert

    How’s the burn-rate on your wine rack during quarantine?

    I've actually cut my drinking way back through all of this. I hardly drink at all. On the positive side I've lost about 18 lbs!
  12. redlinerobert


    That's a beauty. if it fits get it.
  13. redlinerobert


    This doesn't fit me, but if it did, it would be on it's way. Beautiful hat...
  14. redlinerobert

    Private train car travel

    How exciting that must have been.
  15. redlinerobert

    You know you are getting old when:

    I consider myself an old soul. I relate much more to the generation older than me than to those my age or younger.
  16. redlinerobert

    Go fly a kite!

    Wow. I've not flown my kites in years. Their in the attic. I have 2 Prism kites.
  17. redlinerobert

    Nasal Snuff

    I had no idea you could still buy snuff. Personally I enjoy a fine cigar from time to time. It's been a while since I've had one. Months in fact.
  18. redlinerobert

    Vintage Cars

    When I was young. My old 550 Spyder.
  19. redlinerobert

    Private train car travel

    This is something I've always wanted to do. Hopefully the wife and I can partake in one of these trips in the future. Would be memorable! https://www.luxurytrainclub.com/trains/private-rail-cars/
  20. redlinerobert

    Show us your Face Masks

    I ordered a few from Runabout and am quite pleased with the quality. I especially like the chambray mask. Wife likes the flowery version. Also have the pleated denim. Haven't worn that one yet.

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