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  1. St. Louis

    How do you keep your house neat?

    I do follow a lot of the suggestions in previous posts, so I won't repeat them. I have a few fun little games I play that keep the place neat (well, neat-ish.) For example, never leave a room without picking up three objects that don't belong there. If there's a sink full of dishes and I dread...
  2. St. Louis

    Cooking Golden Era recipes

    Has anyone here ever tried salad and dessert jellies? I find them fascinating in a horrible kind of way & have been working my way through a few veg & fruit jellies. I can see why they would be appealing -- some of these things look great in that late-art-deco architectural design way. But I...
  3. St. Louis

    Cooking Golden Era recipes

    I'm going to try that biscuit recipe!!
  4. St. Louis

    Cooking Golden Era recipes

    GHT, that didn't sound misogynist at all. Since I cook from mostly early 30s through mid-40s cookbooks and magazines, I do come across wartime recipes that take current conditions into account. For example, many will try to save on sugars and fats in order to minimize points. I also have a...
  5. St. Louis

    Cooking Golden Era recipes

    3fingers, this is off topic, but your signature line cracks me up. I loved liverwurst when I was a kid. We also ate a fair amount of liver, and we always cooked the gizzards & organ meats of chickens. Do people still do that? This isn't something I would ever make now. One thing I've noticed...
  6. St. Louis

    Cooking Golden Era recipes

    I agree about the organ meat. Though when I was small, I liked rabbit kidneys, one of my grandmother's specialities. I find it odd now that I loved the rabbits but didn't seem to mind eating their stewed kidneys. I've grown more squeamish in the intervening years. My favorite cookbook author...
  7. St. Louis

    Cooking Golden Era recipes

    Does anyone else here cook from 1930s-1940s cookbooks or magazine recipes? This is a hobby of mine, mostly to get myself to eat more veg & whole grains, but also to fit in with my general golden era way of living. I'd love to hear about your successes and not-so-successes. I'm not saying I'm a...
  8. St. Louis

    Name one really wonderful thing you will for yourself in 2019

    Wow, that's fantastic, Sheeplady! And many hearty congratulations on your Great Expectations!
  9. St. Louis

    So trivial, yet it really ticks you off.

    Your cat could be suffering from a thyroid condition. My cat behaved this way until the vet tested her blood & discovered the problem. I medicate my cat every day now & she's feeling much better and eating normally. Unfortunately, the 4:00 a.m. wake-up call is now permanently learned behavior...
  10. St. Louis

    Name one really wonderful thing you will for yourself in 2019

    That sounds wonderful. What eras particularly appeal to you?
  11. St. Louis

    Name one really wonderful thing you will for yourself in 2019

    Wow, that's so admirable! -- all of it, I mean. I'm curious -- do you have a dedicated sewing space? I love to sew, but I have to create an almighty mess in my living room whenever I want to work on a project. That's what keeps me from finishing things; I just can't confront the idea of living...
  12. St. Louis

    Name one really wonderful thing you will for yourself in 2019

    Dear Lounge Ladies, I've never been one for New Year's Resolutions (at least none having to do with diet or exercise) but every year I add one new habit that makes me happy and, if possible, makes someone else's life slightly better. Decades ago I vowed to carry real handkerchiefs everywhere I...
  13. St. Louis

    Great Compliments

    Last night I received the most wonderful compliment from an 11-year old friend of mine. it made me so happy I thought I'd ask you all for your favorite compliments. I was talking with her parents about the fact that I don't have and don't want a smart phone. I told them that my life is just so...
  14. St. Louis

    Agony column?

    Oh, I'm so sorry! I do like your name, though, Thankful, and I hope you have lots of wonderful and beautiful things in your life to help make up for at least some of the challenges. I wish you all the very, very, very best and am keeping you in my thoughts. You seem quite brave. I like your...
  15. St. Louis

    Show us what you've made!

    Exquisite tailoring. Really love the accessories, hair, makeup, and styling too. Thanks for posting this wonderful image.
  16. St. Louis

    Golden Era Halloween

    I'd like to celebrate Halloween in Golden Era style. We still get a lot of trick-or-treaters here in St. Louis, and most of them are very creative with their costumes. This year I want to do it up right, more or less in the age of my tiny bungalow (circa 1929.) I found a wonderful book dated...
  17. St. Louis

    Agony column?

    I'm so glad you're happier at work. Since that's where we spend most of our waking lives, it's very important to have a good work environment. I'm not surprised you're experiencing some trouble sleeping -- all transitions can be stressful, even wonderful ones. I can tell you that I got excellent...
  18. St. Louis

    The Powder Room's Etsy Directory

    What a great name for an etsy shop!
  19. St. Louis

    Agony column?

    Thinking good thoughts and wishing good wishes. Stay strong.
  20. St. Louis

    Tailoring clothes for spies

    I've immediately put that on my netflix list. I would also recommend "Wish me Luck," which does get into some of those details, including dentistry (ugh) and learning the continental style of knitting.

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