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  1. Johnny J

    Vintage 1940s Knopf Goatskin jacket

    Beautiful Jacket! I seen the video. When its zipped up it looks longer on one side of the bottom.
  2. Johnny J

    Johnny Depp Fedora

    Another Johnny Depp style fedora on ebay. This one is a tad more expensive...
  3. Johnny J

    Johnny Depp Fedora

    Here is one for sale on ebay: Vintage Borsalino Alessandria, Johnny Depp style fedora in a size 7 1/4: https://www.ebay.com/itm/403416327704?hash=item5ded7ca618:g:cAQAAOSwkYVh5bgv
  4. Johnny J

    Buler's hat auctions continued

    Yes, and we are patiently waiting. Lol!:D Please give us the heads up when you list new hats. Thanks!!
  5. Johnny J

    Buler's hat auctions continued

    Bid for the win! :)
  6. Johnny J

    HAT - 1950s Stetson Excellent “Stratoliner”, Size 7 3/8

    I'm so glad to see hats for sale again here on the FL.
  7. Johnny J

    Vintage 1935 Sears Newsboy Cap in Original Box and Paperwork. 7 1/2

    I think the most I ever spent on a vintage 1920s or 1930s cap on ebay was almost $200.00. Who knows, you might find someone that must have it and will pay the price.
  8. Johnny J

    Vintage 1935 Sears Newsboy Cap in Original Box and Paperwork. 7 1/2

    Look at that US Postage stamp. It was .03 cents back then.
  9. Johnny J

    Near mint boater 7 1/4 LO

  10. Johnny J

    Very Clean Solid 50's Stetson OR RD for TRADE! 7 1/4 LO!

    Hope you were able to trade and find what you were looking for.
  11. Johnny J

    Classifieds comment

    itsallgood, I tried to send you a PM but for some odd reason it wouldn't let me.
  12. Johnny J

    Cordova Handmade Caps - 1920s Vintage Styles

    Looks great! Thanks!
  13. Johnny J

    Vtg. Beltback tweed sport coat sz. 40 1930's fancy style

    Very nice! Too long for me. :(
  14. Johnny J

    1950's Henley Fedora Size 7 (56cm)

    PM sent
  15. Johnny J

    FS: Original D-1 by S.H. Knopf 1943 contract, heavily patched and modded, size medium

    Nik, you don't have to apologize. Many photos are good when selling IMO. Sometimes a seller only shows one or two photos, so this is very good!
  16. Johnny J

    Carmina boots and Meermin shoes, 9D

    Wow! I didn't even see these. Great deal!
  17. Johnny J

    Stetson Whippet 1940/50's

    Very nice Whippet! I remember back in the day when the majority of the Classified listings where Fedoras. The good ol' days. :)

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